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Gender With The Better Memory, Men or Women?

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Who has the better memory

It’s the battle of sexes but this time, its who can remember things better than the other.

In the clip above, fathers were asked about special dates, children’s best friends and other things they couldn’t answer but it was a different story for the mom who could answer without flinching.

Are men just terrible at remembering things or they choose to remember what’s most important to them? A question that bugged my mind while watching that clip.

but in hindsight If a woman remembers a particular event and what happened at that particular time better than the man, there will be something else he remembers better than She.

Or are have they been designed by nature or the society this way because it has made childcare women’s responsibility, it leaves men little room to know more details & dates about their children but of course except he intentionally and consciously keeps it in memory same way he keeps details and important info’s about his favorite sport star as suggested by this video.

We cannot for a fact say that one gender is better at keeping memory than the other because Males and females do not differ in overall memory ability but these factors interest, motivation and training can affect the content of what is being remembered.

We cannot say one has a better memory rather the two sexes differ in terms of what type of information they remember best. So, some men actively engaged in their children’s lives would remember every single detail about them and women who aren’t may not remember and would need a reminder, same goes for whatever interests them or actively involved in

In general, and according to series of studies, research and surveys, females outperform males on autobiographical memory (particularly with high retrieval support via verbal probing), random word recall, story recall, auditory episodic memory, semantic memory (driven by superiority in fluency), and face recognition tasks.

In another data, Women were believed to have better memories than men for conversations, 59 % of subjects favoring women versus 6 % favoring men. In addition, 87 % of subjects believed that women would be better at remembering what someone was wearing as compared to only 2 % of subjects who favored men. For some spatial memories, such as remembering where one’s car is parked, men were given the upper hand, with 39 % favoring men compared to 15 % favoring women.

For other spatial memories such as remembering where they had left their keys the evening before, men and women were not predicted to differ.

For race recognition tasks, females particularly have better recognition memory for female faces, this may be a result of females being more familiar with female faces, recognition memory is superior for individuals who are of the same ethnic background as themselves. Females also have been shown to have greater scanning behaviour at encoding, which may also contribute to their superior recognition memory.

The cognitive style hypothesis suggests that females encode events in greater detail than males, whereas males encode the “gist” of events, as opposed to more specific details

For over all memory, the survey favored women with over 20 % and men having less than 8 %, this is surprising because the society expects men to be more competent, intelligent, and knowledge-able than women with their low memory?

People are quick to agree that they have low memory and can’t remember certain things, according to Michigan Quarterly Review and survey, “people are more than willing to confess “1 do not have a particularly good memory,” but they loathe to admit “I am not particularly intelligent.”, If you do not have good memory how then can you be intelligent?

If the majority fail to realize that memory is an important aspect of intellectual functioning, they may nevertheless be less attentive to or influenced by women as a result of habit stemming from a long tradition of men holding positions of greater authority.

In conclusion

Both men and women have the same memory problem but not as terrible as men who forget easily and are influenced by certain factors. Men and women’s memory performance maybe as a result of interest, physiological capabilities, expectations, or interactions.












P.D.L. and E.F.

Michigan Quarterly Review

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