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Getting set for Monday

Happy Monday! We once again found ourselves struggling to wake up.

It is always a little challenging starting a new work week.  A large majority of people stay up a little too late on Sunday night, neglect to do any work over the weekend and drift into the office tired and irritable.

But who says Monday’s have to be bad? While society and social media likes to put a negative stigma on Mondays, you do not have to fall prey to it. Instead try one (or a few) of the items on this list to put a little pep in your step and start your week off the right way

Plan Ahead and Ask the Right Questions

You are a busy individual no matter what you do. In our dynamic culture where everyone pursues multiple activities, communicates with multiple individuals and has several things to deal with at the same time, it is crucial to remember to stay sane.

Take some time out of your weekend to look at your schedule and plan ahead for the upcoming week. Ask yourself:

  • What are your goals?What are the key things you are looking to accomplish this week, this month, this year? Write them down and keep them in front of you – this will remind you what you are working towards. If you need extra motivation, also write down why those goals are important to you.
  • What are your key tasks?Break down your key goals into smaller, measurable activities. This will help you understand how the bigger picture breaks down into the daily, weekly and monthly tasks. After you identify those, figure out how long they will take and fit them into your schedule. Give yourself grace with the time frame if you feel that it is getting overwhelming, but remember to prioritize the tasks that are urgent and cannot be postponed.
  • How did you do since your last planning session?Have you accomplished the tasks and/or the goals you’ve set last time? If you haven’t finished them, don’t beat yourself up; but do remember to look at them and see which ones you need to carry over into the week(s) to come.
  • Are you ready for Monday?Lastly, spend some time preparing for your Monday activities. Pack your bag or your lunch beforehand, prepare your documents or organize your homework. We all have certain routines that work for us, making us feel prepared for the next days’ scheduled (and unscheduled) activities. You might have to spend some time identifying what works best for you, but once you do – don’t neglect those little things. They will get you through your Mondays much easier and faster!

Before Monday

On Sunday, prepare for your workweek by mentally planning out your week ahead. Do not forget about all the exciting and enjoyable things you have coming up this week. We always focus on the chores and work-related things we need to cross off our checklist. Write a to-do list of your tasks. Start with the worst ones first to get it over with. Prepare your wardrobe to save time in the morning. Go to sleep early, wake up early and plan to arrive early at the office. This way you are not just focused on the not-so-fun things you have going on this week.

Set A Goal/ Affirmation For The Week

Yes, we all know that the weekend is too short. It’s not pleasant to face the cold reality of another week of work. While everyone is miserable and complaining, be the person who is upbeat, positive and motivated. Select a positive affirmation that will help you with any challenges you may face this week. Set it as your lock screen on your phone so you will see it repeatedly throughout the week or write it down and hang it somewhere like on your refrigerator, also set a goal that it unattainable.

Remind yourself of the things you look forward to or something that you enjoy doing on a Monday instead of leaving it for a Friday.

Spend some time doing something that inspires you and brings your mood up. It could be something as simple as putting on a nice outfit or treating yourself to a great meal. If you are not a morning person, maybe a solution for you is going to bed earlier on a Sunday, so that you can wake up rested. In other words, find something that actually makes you feel like you are starting your day productively, with a positive attitude.

Morning workout

If possible, get in a little workout before you start the day. An early morning workout is effective, can boost your energy levels by 20% and release happy endorphins to get you in a good mood. Even just a quick five-minute routine will help!

 Eat a Nice Breakfast

The most important meal of the day for energy and sound mind to get your metabolism up and running. It does not have to be something super complicated and take forever to make but try to make yourself something a little extra special to kick off your week.

Keep an Eye on Yourself

After you’ve set your goals and tasks for the week/month, keep track of your progress. Write your tasks down, or use online apps to check off what has been completed. Seeing your progress will help you stay motivated, as well as make adjustments to what you can realistically accomplish in a given timeframe.

If you need extra stimuli, share your goals and tasks with the people who are close to you and are supportive of your goals: your teammates, business partner(s), or your significant other. When you share your goals and plans, you are more likely to follow through with them: now you know that there is someone else who can keep you accountable to those!

If you are one of the people who forgets about yourself during a busy week, then put self-care into your agenda! You need to have some days or activities that replenish your energy so that you can continue to stay motivated and follow through with your goals. Both your physical and your mental health are important, so don’t neglect yourself!

 Go out for lunch

Break up your day by leaving the office for lunch, you could even arrange to meet a friend or family at a restaurant or coffee shop. The change in scenery can be refreshing and can help clear your mind.

Don’t beat yourself up.

It takes time and practice to master anything, and productivity is no different. Constant improvement is the realistic goal not perfection in one week.

Take A Little Extra Time for Yourself

After you make it through your Monday, treat yourself to a little self-pampering. Enjoy a nice dinner, have a movie night, go for a walk… do whatever you love to do to relax a little.

If you are energized about the week ahead then you are probably in a good space. If the Monday blues are worse than the normal discomfort, you have a bigger issue to deal with. It may be time to start thinking of a new job or having a talk with your boss to improve your situation.

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