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Google Tricks for Faster and Better results

More than a million of us use google every sec, minute and hour of the day. We’re so quick to google something mind boggling, get information, business, study, entertainment or learn new word but many of us don’t know the search engine’s full potential and are not using it efficiently.

This will change the way you used to use google, it will help you easily find that precise information, turn you to a google expert and save you time

These modifiers or let’s say google tricks will Refine your searches for better results.

  1. “Quotation markets” (““)

Use quotes to search for an exact phrase or word.

For example; “digital marketing training”

Search result; Everything on digital marketing training. Not digital or marketing or training alone

  1. asterisk* (*)

Use asterisk to find missing word, you’re telling google to fill in the blanks for you and this works well with quotes, lyrics, book titles and more.

For example; looking for the missing words to Mary had a little lamb

Type, Mary * a *lamb

Search result; The complete phrase

  1. Tilde (~)

It searches for anything similar to that word or phrase and synonyms.

For example: music ~Training

  1. OR

Using capitalized OR between your words, google will include specific search related to that word. It will look for that word or the other word but you have to capitalize the OR otherwise google will assume its part of the word or a sentence.

Example; I want recipes for Jollof OR fried rice

Type, [keyword 1] OR [keyword 2]

Result ;

  1. Hyphen or minus (-)

Use a hyphen to exclude terms from your search result. If you don’t want an item to be included in your search result, the minus symbol excludes it from your google search results.

Example; Top 10 apps -android

Results- It omits all apps related to android.

  1. Numerical ranges (…)

It searches for information that falls within a range of numbers or dates. Use 3 dots between the sets of numbers 2000…2019.

Example; cars 1977…1983

Results about cars within that set period

  1. Define (search for meanings)

It defines a specific word or phrase you have searched for

Example; Define:fury

Results; links with definitions of fury appears on your search

  1. allintext:

It skips links, URLs, and titles but searches only a site’s body text.

Example; information on cryptocurrency.

Type allintext:cryptocurrency


  1. site: (specific site)

This searches for only a particular website.

Example; fashion site:edu

Results; all references to fashion on .edu website

  1. intext

Your search term is in different places, the body text, page title, URL. What you’re looking for is within the text, title, url.

Type intext: before your keywords.

Example; intext:benefits yoga

  1. Math answers

Your normal calculator function

Example 5^2x+1-26*5^x+5=

Had to put google to test

12. Movie:

To get an old or latest movie from streaming platforms, this will help narrow your search. Movie: [old movie name]

Example; movie: Shawshank


13. Image

Want to find images, description and type faster simply type the image you want and the image type.

Example; BMW png

14. Nutrition information

To get more info about fat content, calories and nutrients in your food, this can easily help with your search to know what should be your preferred lunch. Type; (food item) nutrition

Example; Yam nutrition

15. Websites with similar content

To narrow your search to websites with similar content use Related: followed by the site you know. To compare gadgets that’s similar to what you know. Type, related: [website URL you’re familiar with]


16. Price search

Google can help you search for price options in comparison with what you might have seen. Use the currency symbol in front of the price. If you’re searching for cheaper price option for iphone 12, type [keywords] ₦ [number]

Example; iphone12 ₦499,000

17. Flight status search

This tip will save frequent fliers from wasting time and details of their flight. Type in the airline name or abbreviation and flight number (airline name fight number), your google search result will include departure time, delay information and current status

Example; delta 101

18. Translate between languages

Use google search to easily translate a language to another. Type the word “translate, followed by the word or phrase you want to translate, and the language you’re translating to [keyword or sentence] to [language].

Example; translate “are you mad” to Yoruba

19. Power points

To search for files in these formats PowerPoints, PDFs, etc. Type filetype: in your search ([keywords filetype:file type extension)

Example; Climate change filetype:ppt

20.Weather situation

You need to know the weather information for a particular location, enter the location plus the word weather (weather [location]), in return google will give you in details the current conditions, weather alerts and forecasts for that location.

Example; weather Ibadan



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