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How to avoid YouTube’s copyright laws

When it comes to creating your own YouTube videos, you need to make sure the videos and ideas are yours. It’s common to find YouTube videos with similar ideas or concepts. That’s good. What’s wrong is to use the work of another person. This is really illegal because many videos, TV shows, movies and music videos are copyrighted. Copyright laws aim to protect those who legally have a job, such as a TV show, movie, or music video because someone else’s work is often protected by law, if you use someone else’s work, you can have serious consequences, especially if you try to treat it as your property.

These reasons are very important ones:

  • To be able to use videos without infringing on Copyright laws on YouTube, you are expected to use the available sharing options attached to each video on YouTube. Through this process, you are guarded against infringement.


  • The most important thing to remember about copyright laws is that they include every second or every word of the piece in question. For example, some YouTube video owners can view various clips from their favorite movies, music videos, or TV shows. Many believe that because they do not show the video in its entirety, they are safe from copyright infringement, but it does not work that way. You must obtain the permission of those who hold the rights to a video clip, movie, or TV show before using any part of it, including a clip that only takes a few seconds.


  • Another aspect of copyright law that you should keep in mind is that many people do not know the surrounding public places or public events. Did you know that you may not be able to post the video online if you are making a video of a popular sporting event or concert? In most cases you will find that the opposing parties are not a problem, but you will never know until a problem occurs. In many cases, the venue may claim that it has rights to its video because it documents an event that has taken place on its property. It is also not uncommon for the person or persons in question to be in possession of the copyright of the recorded videos because the video focuses on them. For this reason, you can carefully proceed to download sports events or concert videos from the YouTube website.


As mentioned above, there are consequences for copyright infringement. In most cases, you will find that the consequences depend on the parties involved, as they often have more decision-making power over the action taken. If you publish a video on YouTube and the video does not belong to you or contains illegal clips, your video is likely to be deleted immediately. As mentioned above, the parties involved, usually the copyright holders, may seek prosecution or fine; the decision is usually yours as the owner of a video.




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