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How To Get The Verified Tick on Twitter

How to get the Verified Tick on Twitter

Getting verified on Twitter is as easy as ABC as long as you can follow the requirements. You don’t have to cross the deepest sea or the highest mountain looking for what is not lost, you just need to apply. The question is how does one get verified on Twitter, how do you get the blue tick,  benefits of Twitter verification, how many followers to get verified on twitter  and what are the requirements of getting verified on Twitter

It is becoming a funny scenario on Twitter where “Twitter verification or reverence” has given people some kind of “power” or “god complex”, it gets into the head of many that they begin to think they’re better than everyone else or can’t take to correction. 

Twitter verification helps to recognize the real account from fake accounts, trolls or bots. It prevents the impersonation of individuals, micro-influencers, thought leaders, and small businesses by scammers, spammers, trolls, and bots. 

The importance of Twitter verification 

  1. More followers.

  2. Become more trusted, accepted and respected.

  3. The recognition

  4. Easy to defend yourself against impersonators, bots, fake and the likes.

To become a part of the verified Twitter, confirm your identity, have a notable presence on and off Twitter, be very active and send in a request for consideration as a verified user.

To become verified, you need to 

  1. Make sure your profile meets Twitter’s activity standards

  2.  Go to your account settings and start the verification process by clicking “request verification.”

  3. Click on “Start Now.” after a popup message appears telling you more about Twitter verification.

  4. Identify yourself on twitter by telling twitter who you are.

  5. Provide proof that you’ve selected the right criteria with an official website, news articles about you from verified outlets, articles that reference or link to you or organization’s Twitter handle and must refer to you or your organisation, Wikipedia articles, etc

  6. Verify your identity by providing proof about yourself with these three methods of verifying your identity; 

  • An official website: A link to a website with reference to you and your twitter. Individuals using an organisation’s website must make sure the organization is verified of twitter

  • ID verification: individuals need to provide twitter with a photo of a valid official government issued identification document (Driver’s License or Passport).

  • An Official email address: Provide an official email address that’s relevant to the category you choose. As an individual using an organization’s email, the domain the organization is associated with must be Verified on Twitter.

  1. “submit” and wait for Twitter to get back to you.

The 3 account requirements to get verified

With Twitter’s most recent verification guidelines, getting verified on Twitter can be easily understood. Your account needs to be active, notable, and authentic the considered for verification 

  1. Authenticity

You need to be who you claim you are to be verified on twitter, have all information before you start the process, you’ll need to upload your proof of identity while filling out your verification form.. To do this you’ll need to provide an official government-issued ID photo, official email address with a relevant domain or a link to your website.

  1. Notable 

Your Twitter account needs to be affiliated with an influential, prominent brand or personality. This is important as “Tell us who you are.” is the first thing you’ll need to do. Here are the six notability categories from Twitter:

  • The Government

  • The companies, brands or organization

  • News organizations and journalist 

  • Entertainment 

  • Sports and Gaming 

  • Activists, organizers or influential individuals 

  1. Active

It is important that your account has  a profile name and profile image, has been logged into at least once in the last six months, and has a confirmed email address or phone number attached to it.

Also be absolutely sure that you haven’t violated any Twitter rules in the past six months that could have warranted a 12-hour or seven-day lockout.

It is also recommended that you set your profile name as your real name or brand name, profile photo and cover photo accurately represent what you’re about, and that your bio mentions an area of expertise or company mission.

Be regular with your posting on Twitter few weeks to a month before you turn in your verification request 

Follow @Verified on Twitter for the latest Twitter verification updates and guidelines. If your verification application is denied, you can definitely put in another request after 30 days (here is no limit)





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