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“I didn’t do it for the Guinness World Record” – chef Dammy 

“I did it for fun. Cooking is what I enjoy. I didn’t do it for the Guinness World Record” – chef Dammy

Chef Dammy while speaking with BBC News Yoruba has claimed that she did the 120 hours cook-A-thon for fun, she states that she was in no competition with the Guinness world record holder Hilda Baci who holds the record for cooking for 93hours 11 minutes .

“Concerning the Guinness World Record or competing with Hilda Baci, I did it for fun. Cooking is what I enjoy. I didn’t do it for the Guinness World Record. I am just doing it for people who might want to watch this little girl. I know people are surprised, but I feel good about it. Some people love me, and they are ready to back me up. About travelling out, if it comes, we will embrace it. It is a good thing.”

People may think differently because according to few posts when she began the cook-a-thon, she posted she was coming for the Guinness world record.

  1. Did things change suddenly because of the criticism, broken rules or the fact that Guinness world record stated that chef Dammy did not seek their approval before beginning the cook-a-thon?

“We have not received an application for this attempt. Applications can be made via the Guinness World Records website for our records management team to review. Once an application is accepted, the record claimant receives a set of detailed guidelines specific to that record category that must be adhered to. This also details a list of evidence that must be submitted for our team to verify the record. Guinness World Records maintains a rigorous review process to uphold the integrity of each Guinness World Records title,”

In the interview with BBC News Yoruba, Adedamilola Adeparusi, the student and Chef said to her supporters.

“Don’t focus on criticism, or what other people will say. Just go for it. Do what you feel like doing. At least you will enjoy the outcome,” she said.



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