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Innovative things your smartphones can do for you

Your smartphone device isn’t there for you to make only phone calls, send messages and enjoy social media, there are tones of things you can do with it.

With more than a million apps on both play store and App store, you can find just anything you want and do anything except if the so-called app hasn’t been created.

You can turn your phone to your office with Microsoft word, excel etc., turn it to a fitness app, help with your finances, it can be your chef with recipes, get locations of new places to visit, entertain you and so many wonderful things for you but here is a list of things you would never guess your smart phone could do

  1. When you don’t feel safe

Download the bSafe app on iOS or any other apps that allows you to send invitations to selected contacts to track your location, set a timer that will trigger a distress call to your contacts if you haven’t made it home within a specified time frame and it can schedule fake calls to make it seem as though you’re talking to someone on your trip home.

For iPhone users, pressing your lock button 5 times will immediately call emergency center and send messages to your SOS contacts when you feel very unsafe

  1. Measure your heart rate

The app “instant heart rate” can take a reading of your heart pulse by using your phone’s camera or home button (on iPhone), and flash. You place your index finger on the camera and the app will automatically measure your heart rate by detecting color changes. It can be used to measure your heart rate throughout the day or during your workout.

This app is extremely helpful for those with medical condition and needs their heartrate monitored often.

  1. Turn it into a baby monitor

A lot of apps will help you monitor your baby while she’s asleep and also watch for movement and sound. You just have to put the phone in your baby’s room and it will automatically dial a phone number on sensing any disturbance.

  1. Fitness tracker

It is very easy to track your daily activities such as walking, running and even sleeping through apps and using google fitness app. There are also so many features to benefit from these apps.

  1. Measure Your Blood Alcohol Content

With the BACtrack smartphone breathalyzer you can have a safer ride back home and not worry about accident or been arrested. the BACtrack is a tiny device that connects with an app on your phone that shows you or tells you “If its safe for you to drive”

  1. Barcode Scanner

Unlike using apps to that allows you scan QR codes and barcodes printed in packaged food and other products with specialized QR code reader app on your phone, you can simply use your point your iPhone camera at QR code and have it scan automatically.

You can do the same on your android by opening the Google App, enabling screen search, and following the same protocol.

  1. Leveler

Many apps on Android and iOS can work as a leveler and help you align pictures frames, TV mounts, mirror, light fixtures and anything you want to straighten out or hang with precision

  1. Control your television

It isn’t only your Tv remote that can work to control the TV, when you find out the Tv remote is missing or the kids have misplaced it again or you just want to mess around, there are various apps in your smartphone’s play store that can help you gain control of your television

  1. Check the Batteries on Your Remote

We’ve all been at that point where the Tv remote gives up when there’s an important game or favorite show is about to come on.

To avoid wasting a lot of time, use your smartphone to know if it’s a battery problem or not by pointing your remote at your phone’s front-facing camera and press any button, if you see the infrared light from the remote flashing on the screen, your remote is working. You would know if it’s time to change the batteries.

There are more innovative things your iPhone can do, thanks to the tech guys and the increasing number of apps they create each day. you just need to explore, search and download whatever you need



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