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Is he a simp or just in Love; The man that spent 21hours on his knees begging ex-girlfriend in front of her workplace

Is he a simp or just in Love; The man that spent 21hours on his knees begging ex-girlfrieND in front of her workplace.

A man from China’s Sichuan province reportedly spent 21 hours kneeling at his ex-girlfriend who dit he’d him workplace convincing her to take him back.

This happened last month March in Dazhou City where the man was recorded kneeling in front of hr workplace with a bunch of flowers around from 1pm on March 28 until 10am the next day with a big bunch of roses, he remained on his knees throughout the rain and cold.

A concerned passerby told him that “it wasn’t necessary for him to keep on kneeling if the girlfriend is not willing to show up, but you are still here, losing face,”

But he continued to kneel on the ground, other passerby and police begged for him to get up, but he refused, The police being there didn’t make any difference, he continued his lovesick vigil for 21 hours before giving up.

A video of his extreme 21-hour lovelorn plea has been viewed 150 million times on Weibo.

Police said they received reports from passers-by about the man and also tried to persuade him to leave. “He said his girlfriend broke up with him a few days ago. He wants to seek her forgiveness and he hoped she could date him again,” the anonymous officer was quoted as saying.

When officers tried to move him on, the man reportedly said to them: “Is it illegal for me to kneel down here? If it is not illegal, please leave me alone.”

A passerby said stated that “he left at 10am on March 29, probably because he could not bear the cold any longer.”

I have several questions and would like to know what he did, how she reacted, how her boss and colleagues reacted and did he have a walk of shame or pity from people at the end of the day.




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