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How to revive non-powering laptop

You decided to make use of your Laptop and the next thing you find out when you press the power button is no lights, no sounds, nothing! Or you are a victim of little spin and then it stops. One thing is for sure, you will be disappointed, or even go to the extent of becoming sad.

As an inquisitive person that you are, you proceed to check and find out that everything power is connected; the charger and battery are intact. Or yours happens when the weather changes dramatically, you find out the air is dry or there is a lot of static build up on your laptop. Do not sweat it any further, it is common for electronic devices to sometimes have hard time working.

Another way it may be out is when you find out that there is electric shock everywhere around your PC. You know what? The electrical malfunctioning may have caused some damages. What then should you do to recover your Laptop by yourself without getting to visit an engineer or the technical shop?

When you have a non-responsive laptop, it may have gathered buildup of static electricity. This may cause it to require CPR, or technically called Static Discharge. Follow these steps to get it done by yourself:

  • To start the CPR, place your laptop on a table or hard surface. Remember not to use soft materials due to static.
  • Disconnect the power then remove the battery from the Laptop.
  • Remove all the cords and anything that has been plugged into it e.g. USB drives, Mouse, even Network Cables.
  • Then, flip it over, open the lid and hold the power button for 30 seconds.
  • After 30 seconds, press the power button 20 times. Make sure you complete this for effective result when you are done.
  • Close the lid and connect the power then your battery i.e. after closing the laptop lid, the next thing to fit in is the power cable before the battery.
  • Put on it and start working with it again.
  • If the static was properly installed in the process, your laptop should power on instantly.

Note: If for some reasons it still does not work, contact a professional for assistance. They will help in getting your laptop back to a perfect working condition without having to lose anything therein.



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