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Make cool money online without stress

There will always be someone who wants to get something done either because he or she is too busy to get it done, cannot do it and does not want to hand it over to cooperate offices. With this in place, it has opened ways for people to get rich or make money often and online.

Making money without leaving the comfort of your home is now the new trend of freelancing. An observational look at almost every 9-5 jobs and their demands has led to many dropping these jobs because they tend to take away every part of one’s life, steal one’s joy and eventually exhaust people before they could try to make way for themselves to have a better old age. This therefore has led to many freelance jobs on the internet.


  • Via thorough surveys online: Making online survey is one of the easiest ways to make money online. We all have spare time even while we still work and this is something you can do during your spare time and make some money. Many research companies are always online to recruit new members to answer surveys and test new products. What makes this interesting is that, it only takes few minutes to fill out forms and you would make some couple of cash will be paid or come as rewards. You can make up to $5 for some surveys, all in your own comfort.


Where do you get these surveys? You can sign up for Swagbucks which gives rewards for surveys and also for surfing the web, watching videos and playing games. Other good ones you can try out are: Branded Surveys, Opinion Outpost, Harris Poll, Mind Mover, New Vista, iPoll, Toluna, Vivatic, Global Test Market, The Opinion Panel, YouGov, MySurvey, valued opinions.


  • Make money by reviewing music: There are more than enough music that are being released on weekly basis, and this is a good thing if you can review music out of your love for it and still get paid for doing that. Most times, unsigned bands and artists online want reviews and you can do that so well on Slicethepie. It would take you some time to build sound reputation on this platform but some users of the site earned up to $60 in few weeks. It is sure not much as expected but if you love to review music then it should not be hard work. Just log on to Slicethepie and register.


  • Via an affiliate marketing: If you have a good presence on social media or you have a blog that could still boast of little traffic, you can earn more money by just promoting different companies, products, services and offers online. On Awin network, all you need to do is set up as a publisher, check their offers blog or check through the merchant listings to find something you think go in line with your type of audience, grab your affiliate link and share it straight away.


  • Via freelance websites: With the presence of virtual marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork, it has become easy for those who do not like to be boxed in by White Collar jobs. On Fiverr, you can freelance by writing, managing social media platforms, designing websites, making social media videos, voiceovers, playing pranks, teaching to create music etc. Also on Upwork, you are opened to doing more technical freelance like website designing, infographics, video editing, cartoon design etc. On these major platforms, you can start with jobs from $5 for Fiverr, and on Upwork, you get to work per hour as low as $10 to $15. All you need to do on these platforms is to log on to their website, register and bid for works with enough convictions to the buyers. People make close to $500 in a month on these platforms as a new comer.

With these few ones, you can always make cool cash online and live comfortably. Working for self is the new discovery to measuring growth. So, do not waste time on guessing. Pick any of the above and start earning today.



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