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Marketers and Marketing Technology

Marketing technology, also known as Marketing Automation, began with the adoption of a single software to send millions of emails at once, to replace the former way of sending emails that involved sending emails to a long list of email IDs individually. Advancement came, and what used to be a victory for email marketing, degenerated to intelligence gathering, passive activities and predictive technology.

Little wonder marketers have found solace in what keeps them more strategic at work than looking around for or gathering details about who would and would not buy. Therefore, a closer look at this raised our curiosity to know the importance of this advancement in marketing to marketers. Here are few major reasons marketers use marketing technology:

  • Increased Time Management

The chunk of the time that ought to be dedicated to running into different holes looking for where best to place ads, when to put up a blog post, when to start up a service promotion or sales promotion, and more, are now dedicated to strategy.

Either strategizing on content marketing or what the next newsletter would look like or how to approach each of the social media platforms available, this generated time from marketing automation would be adopted in these areas. Marketing needs a whole lot of time but the most important thing to take note of is, what are you doing with your time?

  • Increased Relevance

Marketing automation has brought more avenue for relevance for each company in the competition. Competition is an adopted twin to marketing. Therefore, one of the elements of competition, trend, is what brings relevance to the inputs of every marketer. Getting up to date with trends with the use of marketing automation software makes not only the marketer relevant but also the product or service in the competition circle.

Other importance attached to the reasons marketers use marketing technology is for increasing conversion possibilities, helping employees to know where to come in for a prospective customer and for gathering analytics and statistics for marketing uses.

  • Intelligence Gathering

Marketers will never joke away with this point; it carries most of their reasons for using marketing automation. With the use of amazing software applications, marketers have become demigods that have graduated from only predicting or guessing customer/consumer behaviors to knowing their line of behavior. Marketing became much more focused, centralized and fall in line with maximum ROI.

The adoption of these marketing tools in the age of increased internet footprints and social media platforms have made it possible for marketers through this software technology track a person’s internet footprints on Social Media, search engines, and different websites. It is through this tracking that these software applications gather data to turn them into actionable information.

Also, Marketing Automation led to increased foresight for marketers in dealing with customer behavior. For example, the adoption of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software would increase the client/service’s department’s response to customers, make sales department have a foresight on what could be the next line of requests from customers and determine which platform produces higher ROI on adverts. All these things are one of the reasons that marketers adopted marketing technology.




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