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Benefits of face-to-face marketing

The world of marketing has now been dominated by new trends of digital marketing which include but not limited to email marketing, social media marketing, website marketing and they have, in one way made traditional marketing a complement to activities trend on these platforms. Yet, those who really know the importance of face-to-face marketing would not want to live without it.

Here are five benefits of face-to-face marketing for your business:

  1. Relationship and Trust: It builds lasting relationship and trust between you and your customers. When you adopt face-to-face marketing probably to a B2B service or product for example, you are in a way reducing doubts in your customers as they would be confident enough to go for your suggestions as to which package or service to go for with you. Why? It is because the human factor sets in and the ability to negotiate with someone physical even at the first contact with a product of service will break down the barriers of distrust. Not only that, you would be able to spark up a business cum personal relationship from the transaction(s). The level of skepticism these days concerning products and services offered online without face-to-face interaction has encouraged more people to go for face-to-face marketing to seal up many almost lost deals.


  1. Referrals: It turns your loyal customers into advocates who refer your services to others. In one way or another, face-to-face marketing has a way of making advocates and preachers out of prospective customers and consumers. Those who have experienced you through physical contacts and are satisfied with your delivery oftentimes grow to become your information carrier. Since it is a form of interpersonal relationship cum marketing, it would definitely enjoy the results of word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth makes it more interesting and result oriented.


  1. Reduces Complexity: It helps simplifies complexities of understanding between you and your customers. The complexities or misinterpretations that come with most electronic and digital marketing are sure to be avoided with face-to-face marketing. Your prospect or customer asks you questions instantly and you reply to full understanding on the spot. Not that you would have packaged a well-thought out commercial in your brainstorming session and end up having criticisms around your choice of concept. This is not to invalidate other forms of marketing; it is to show how important face-to-face marketing is.


  1. Time benefit: it reduces the amount of time between conviction and sales conversion. With face-to-face marketing, you are sure of a lesser time to be consumed in the process of converting a lead into sales. You know on spot if your prospect or customer is willing to go for your product or service. It helps you develop more sales strategies on a regular basis when you find out the ones you are adopting are not convincing your subjects enough. It does not allow you to wait for so long only to realize no sales conversion after a long wait.


  1. Money benefit: it is less costly than other traditional and new media marketing; it saves money. To simply put unlike other marketing forms, it does not consume huge amount of money, rather you get more sales with less expenses on marketing.





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