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Memory and Mental Health

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Having to strike a cohesive connection between two psychologically active procedures can be tasking and challenging especially when it deals with sensitive and contemporary issues such as the adaptation of the mind to environmental information and all that surrounds it. Hence, the carefulness and scholarly demands. Not just that, but most importantly, productivity in the task execution. Quite an undertaking but such venture is my area of interest in cognitive psychology

  • Memory

The strength of the memory is quite undeniable as it is primarily seen in the stages at which the information it receives are processed and in the types of memory we have. The memory encodes. Information received are changed into a form compatible with the memory to ensure proper storage. An example that readily comes to mind is how you mode of dressing changes when you migrate from a warm region to a snowy region.

More so, the memory stores. The storage of the memory has to do with the nature of memory stores as there could be a short term and a long term memory storage where information is stored. This further stretches into the capacity that can be stored for the way an information is stored determines its retrieval.

Furthermore, the memory retrieves.  This is what it means to get stored information out. An inability to remember something is always traced to an inability to retrieve it and this is where the differences between short term memory storage and long term memory storage becomes clear.

  • Mental Health

Mental health is practically defined as the state of psychological well-being where a person is able to use his cognitive strength, emotion abilities and function in society to meet normal demands of life such that it affects others around.

  • Contemporary problem

Millions in the world suffer decline in their cognitive functioning, a major state of the mental health. This is largely due to, for instance, depression and its end product is loss of memory. More so, for example, depression could set in as a result of your interpretation of how people relate with you. Taking a cue from psychopathology, this form of depression can cause mental disorder with an effect of suicide.


  • Research Questions
  1. How can the thoughts of individuals be accessed to know if they is depressive or neutral?
  2. What new therapeutic solutions do we have to mental disorder in relation to the memory?
  3. What practical and urgent means can be adopted in reducing the spread of this problem?


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