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We all want to be comfortable with enough money and live like we own our lives. We all want to wake up and find ourselves living our dreams, and most times these kinds of dreams we want to see ourselves living are the ones where we control the affairs of things and not working under an empire builder, who only share with us strands of abundance that we are making for him.

In the process of building these empires, as the cases may be, we work out our own lives without living purpose, not to talk of fulfilling it. Along the line, we get frustrated, sick and overused up to the level of leaving or staying, hoping things will open up for us to run for our dear lives, only for us to rekindle ourselves and continue in this unfulfilling life of working under people. Unfortunately, time is an intruder and our ages are never reducing.

Face your fear!

To drop a comfortable and monetarily luxurious paid job and venture into personal business that needs to be grown from the scratch is never an easy task. But those who are scared of failure are not worth beholding success. Once you discover your ease point, and you have found out it is a money bank in the making, you don’t have any excuse of not starting. The only excuse one could ever have at the beginning of chasing your passion is FEAR (False Experience Appearing Real). You have to trash your fear and pursue with faith with the hope of earning more than what you earn presently with the death trap job that is taking your life away from you.

Learn the art of investment

The venture has started; the new life has begun; what next is learning how to turn that little drop into a mighty ocean. Make research on how to manage small scale businesses, hence; how to make them big. Learn the dos and don’ts of an entrepreneur, put them into practice and see yourself soaring.

Mind you, you might be in the middle stage of your life, it is never a validation for lateness to start over. With faith and dedication, you are on the path to perpetual money making and most essentially, a changed lifestyle that is connected with your purpose as human. Start today. Have faith in yourself and overcome your internal fear. Go out there and make history because it is never too late to start.

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