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General Safety and Security Tips For You

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We started the new month of May with broken hearts, shattered hopes and dreams, tears and sadness. On Sunday, 2nd of May we cried for a departed soul due to negligence, wicked heart of men, the terrible state of affairs of this country and insecurity.

The never-ending broadcast of a missing person, the everyday kidnaps, armed robbery, the herdsmen destruction of lives and properties and the inhumane attacks of boko haram, the country has failed us and people are increasingly falling victim to criminal activities.

These people are learning more tactics, getting ahead with tech, working with highly influential people, more cunning, can easily lure and can easily escape justice, therefore it is paramount that as they devise these smart ways for their activities, we have to be careful, look out for ourselves and loved ones for safety reasons and for “awareness” and it is very important to be more security conscious at home, at work and in transit.

My general safety tips

  1. Learn, study and observe how these criminals operates by watching documentaries
  2. Thinking ahead is a great way to start the day, consciously make your plan in your head from beginning till the end of the day
  3. Don’t be predictable
  4. If it’s an interview, confirm the address, phone number and email as soon as you get the SMS, mail or phone call
  5. Someone has to know your whereabout
  6. Share live location with someone you trust
  7. Don’t share personal information with strangers
  8. Program the phone numbers of your trusted friends and family in your cell phone
  9. Avoid late hours
  10. If you’re not familiar with the new environment or not comfortable, turn back
  11. Listen to your mind, keep it sharp and open
  12. When your body and mind is worried, please pay attention to it (trust them)
  13. Observe your environment
  14. Stay alert and conscious of your surroundings
  15. Right now, it is risky to go home alone or with someone you have just met.
  16. Keep enough money with you to get home safely
  17. Going home alone after hangouts, avoid alcohol
  18. Go along with pepper sprays.
  19. Never Walk Alone especially at night
  20. Don’t attract unnecessary attention to yourself
  21. Avoid putting a target on your back
  22. When enroute, drop your phones and every other distraction
  23. change your routes for a different one. Remember, don’t be predictable
  24. keep personal life away from social media
  25. Peradventure something happens, please your life is precious give them whatever they want in the case of robbery and otherwise, shout for help.
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