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Obscurity; the freelancer’s problem

It is never enough to hone your skills and know your onions as a freelance web designer in this present age where there are high daily demands for web designers. You can be the world’s best web designer and get things done fast and perfectly well but if no one knows who you are, it won’t mean much for your business. In essence, your first real hurdle to scale is to be known. Is to not be obscure to the ever demanding public that needs your services.

Enough of telling you the dangers attached to your obscurity, what then can you do to move ahead?  You need SELF-PROMOTION, even when you hate. Self-promotion would clear the mountains of obscurity shielding away those skills you have acquired and bring clients and more clients to you from all angles. Let’s look at various ways you can possibly come out with self-promotion.

Brand Name: It all starts from packaging yourself, it is the first step of self-promotion. You can’t possibly just come out there and tell us you don’t have a brand name. A brand name helps people to take you serious. You can even go one more inch to register your brand name with regulatory bodies in your country. This mounts on you some ounce of respect and it appears to your potential clients that you are ready for business.

Setting Up Social Media Profiles: When you saw self-promotion, you probably be thinking it is to go on a massive marketing promotions for yourself. No, it is all about promoting yourself on platforms that are in your immediate proximity like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Make Web Design Tips and Tutorials: Asides the fact that when you begin this on your YouTube channel and probably other pay-back platforms and you get paid through CPMs, it is one of your simple ways to convince your client that you are a master at it. That for you to even have gone an extra mile at teaching what you do, you are definitely a mogul. This step makes your potential customers even want to consult you via direct messages on these platforms. Remember to always put your details as subtitles, footnotes, end subscriptions and other possible means when you are making your web design tips and tutorials materials.

Promote: Now, the real promotion begins when you start engaging in reasonable and fiscal Facebook Ads, SEO, Email marketing etc., and setting up your own website (landing page). Whereby, you would be privileged to attach various links of your previous works, the links of your tutorials and most importantly your own web landing page as a web designer. You definitely should know that this would make you design some Social media banners for promotion on your pages and you would make short videos on the list of services you do. These videos are expected to be luring enough to bring clients to come work with you.

On Facebook, which seems to be the widest Social media platform your potential clients are familiar with, make sure you engage in on-the-go communication whenever you set up your ads. People will always have something to ask therefore, it is highly important for you to available as fast as possible to respond to them; after all, you need to be out there. This is applicable to other Social media platforms and other means of marketing like E-mail marketing.



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