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Other Unique Ways To Save Money

Saving money is one of the most brilliant and futuristic things you can do for your future.

You may say where’s the money to save or Nigeria doesnt give you opportunity to save but this will not only help for tough times but help you reach goals. Whether you’re doing it through a bank, digital bank or a saving app, there are clever ways to save money for future expenses.

Savings account:

One of the best way to save is opening a digital savings account that offers great interest rates. A lot of Online banks offer high-interest rates that are attractive. You can save, have your money work for you and earn some extra cash on the side.

Save and start early:

The sooner you start saving, the more time your money has to grow. If you start late, you may have to keep much more each month to reach your goal. You can start with the little you have even if it’s N10.

Auto savings

It’s too easy to forget to transfer your weekly or monthly savings once salary alert enters and when you’re thinking of bills, groceries and other billings. Automating your savings will ensure you are consistently saving your money. There are quite a number of apps that allows this feature .

Emergency fund

You’re less likely to be in debt or an unplanned situation of you have an emergency fund stored away.

I like to call it “just in case” money.

30-Days No Spend Challenge

To save, you have to Challenge yourself to not spend any money only on essentials like groceries, rent, and utilities, for the next 30 days.

Money-savings challenge

A new creative way to save money by participating in a money-savings challenge. You save a specific amount of money depending on the rules of the challenge and the number of days or weeks.

A N1000 90days week savings challenge will give you N90,000 by the end of the challenge. You Pick a challenge that excites and is achievable to you.

Start a spending journal

Do you know where your money is going or at the end of the day it’s “so’pe otilor”?


A good way to start saving money is using a spending journal and track your spending for 30 days. You’ll know where your money goes.

Plan your meals in advance

Prepare your meals and pack lunch every day to the office for a week or a month. This will help you know to add on your grocery list and you can Put the money you save into savings.

Always compare rates

Before making a decision on where to buy get familiar with the prices and go to the stores with better deals

Create a grocery list

Grocery list

Before you go shopping, have a list based on what you need at home to avoid impulse buying especially when you go grocery shopping.

Cook More

Preparing your meals at home is more cheaper than buying at restaurants. Whatever you prepare might last you for a few days or a week if you’re not being a glutton.

You will save more money if you cut back on takeouts/delivery and dining at restaurants. N5000 soup should last you except you’re eating like it’s your last.Save instead of eating like a glutton

Avoid expensive stuff unnecessarily

This will only lead more debts and make you poorer. Look for cheaper alternatives or wait for a sale, discounts or promos.

Avoid expensive stuff

Ask yourself “Do I really need this”.

Have a budget for every new month

Create a new budget for each new month, don’t use or carry over budget for March in April because No two months are exactly the same.

Lucky for you, there are apps that can help you with budgeting. Try them out.

Whether it is for a raining day or days you like to make it rain, savings are very important and quite challenging. You just need a plan you can stick to.

Make yourself proud and get started.



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