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Other ways to provide light to avoid darkness at night

With the fuel subsidy removal, prices of so many things will not double but triple. People are already experience price changes.

Funny enough salaries will not change. So, it will be in your best interest to make some changes and adjust where you can to fit the new prices into your budget. You might need to cut off unnecessary buying, going out and managing your fuel consumption.

You know Nepa is not our friend especially if you reside in areas where Nepa light is a myth. On days where you cannot afford fuel or use as usual, here are other options you can used to avoid living in total darkness.

Torch light

you need to charge it to be able to use it. so, you just have to wait for Nepa light and hope it stays for more than an hour so your torch is fully charged.


To enjoy candles, you have to place them every where around the house instead of carry 1 about. for safety, they should be placed on a metal and avoid inflammable materials


We used this back in the days with kerosene. Get a litre of kerosene, pour in your lantern and enjoy the dim lit room. Hopefully kerosene aren’t as expensive as fuel

Battery powered torchlight

Instead of depending on Nepa light, you can just make use of batteries that’ll last you all through the night and they can be easily replaced


These are low level lanterns without coverage. They use kerosene just like lanterns but you should put them far away from children and inflammable materials

Rechargeable Lights

Remember that red lamp we used with radio? yes! They lasts long, are very bright and you can carry it around.

Solar lamps 

This is even more convenient because you don’t need Nepa light to charge it, you just need a good sunny weather, they get charged using the energy from the SUN.



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