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Planning A Successful Outdoor Event

Where do you start from when planning an outdoor event.

The long holidays are coming!

Easter Monday, good Friday and others are almost here, it’s a perfect season for that outdoor event of yours to come to fruition.

Now you’re wondering how to make your event successful and if outdoor is the best decision. Whatever time of year of the year it is, outdoor events has so much to offer, the excitement, the creativity,  the customization, creating your thing, the eye catching props, and much more.

So, where do you start from when planning an outdoor event.

Type of event

First thing is to know what kind of event you’re planning. It could be wedding, birthday, anniversary, gender reveal, games night, rave, any kind of event. It will help you make other decisions like the space, capacity, props, sponsors, adverts, the extent of your creativity, etc


Another very important factor for outdoor event is deciding the space. How big do you want it, the capacity, accessibility, the comfort and amenities.

His grace event center


Not so many outdoor event centers can boast of catering to all outdoor needs but the few like Agodi gardens, transamusement, His grace are centers that are great for outdoor events in Ibadan, Oyo state Nigeria.

An outdoor venue is limitless, you decide where the event begins and ends


Outdoor event brings out your creativity. You can customize and create an actual look for the event and how you want it to feel. You get to design the stage, light, seats, etc to soothe the theme of your event.


When deciding the space, consider the comfort of your guest and go for centers with necessary amenities like restroom, sanitaries, car parks, security, access to water and emergency kits. Go for quality not “it’s cheap they’ll manage it”

Follow rules and regulations

Every street, area and city have their rules and  regulations. Regulations on noise, timing, security, crowd, etc should be checked and clarified


Make arrangements for power, security, sanitation, transport, equipments, vendors, crew, props for event, parking of trucks, parking space for guests, and other possible needs. Sort out logistics days before the said date of your event so there will be no disappointment and always have a back up plan


Make available enough restroom facilities because a lack of it can ruin your event. Make sure you have enough sanitation equipment not just for the guests but also for the crew.


An evening event will require lights everywhere and for exit paths, walkways and parking areas for convenience and safety.Also provide spots for phones and charging.

First aid

keep a first-aid kit handy at the center and also Prepare a list of the nearest hospitals with directions on how to get there.

Have a plan B

Incase of rain, Keep a tent aside for the djs, food, valuables, and guests.

Food and drinks

Will the food and drinks be free or vendors will be available to sell?. Don’t forget food and water is one of the most important thing in an event, you can’t mess that up.

It has to be “very plenty”

Is it an alcohol or alcohol free event? If it’s alcohol free pass on the message to your intending guests and if not prepare for guest that will drink more than they can handle. Immediately guests walk into your event, the

Post event

What’s your plan for when the event is over?

Do you clean up after or the center cleans up after you? Make sure to make arrangements for cleaning up afterward.

Having a great outdoor event is crucial, you want something that will be remembered and talked about for years, outdoor comes with endless possibilities you can fine-tune to your event taste.

These are my favourite unique outdoor spots in Nigeria

Freedom Park, Lagos.

Muri Okunola park, Lagos

Agodi gardens, Ibadan

His grace, Ibadan

Peachvine Marquee, Abuja 

Midas worth, Abuja




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