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Population Control

The design and development of Norplant contraceptive were primarily for the illiterate woman in countries whose economies depend on the economies of developed countries as a population control method since an increased level of population growth characterizes them. These countries are referred to as Third world Countries.

First, one of the countries where Norplant was first used was Indonesia,. Indonesia is the fourth most populous country of the world, a valid reason why they had to apply the contraceptive tool for their population control. As a measure of population control, the government of Indonesia had about 66% of the world’s total availability of Norplant. In fact, in a city called Bogor in Indonesia, employed government workers get their cheques only with a proof of the Norplant implantation regardless of citizen’s right. Sometimes, the object of this policy which is women are not fully tutored to understand and agree to the processes, and the population control policy comes with an import of fear and threat. It is nothing still but the law. More disturbing is how the Indonesian government, not minding their health consequences, wants women to have these implants under their skin even after the already speculated expiration date of four to five years and yet, the most developed countries of the world tag these laws as success stories. This is abuse at the highest peak.

The scenario in Bangladesh presents yet another example of the objection and oppression this policy of population control brings. Just the same as the Indonesian policy, Bangladesh’ also adopts the same tool for her population control. A significant part of the acclaimed achievement in the use of Norplant in Bangladesh was because women were unable to remove this contraceptive. They were even given accolades, and their act of abuse was well rated and spoken (Akhter 140). Several requests were made to convince doctors to remove the implants haven made them undergo severe stress and sometimes, those doctors lie to them about the inability to remove the implants. This extent to which they go shows the attitude among those that advocate for population control, not minding the effect and consequence. Unfortunately, their submission is that population growth is caused by poverty and political instabilities in these third world countries.

Difference between Political Framework based on Choice or Reproductive Justice

The Political framework based on choice presents every woman as having the same power, ability and opportunity to make the same choice regardless of their color, their race, their status in terms of economy and their immigration state. What “Choice” causes in a political framework is division since it is not true that we are enabled the same way. However, because of the inconsistencies of Choice as a political framework, Reproductive Justice as a political framework is said to be adopted. Reproductive Justice appears to be more comprehensive and widespread compared to “Choice.” The Reproductive Justice political framework focuses on community matters and more so, how women have the right to safety, raising their offspring in conducive environments. Reproductive Justice refers to the voice of women of the third world countries and their lives.





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