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Precautions to take during protest

Staying Safe while still in the business of #EndSWAT #SARSNUSTENDNOW #ENDPOLICEBRUTALITY in Nigeria it is of utmost importance that will continue to stay safe while we march.

Unfortunately, we are in a society that do not respect & don’t care about human lives and will do anything to end this protest but as we keep the fire burning, these are necessary tips and precaution to keep the body fit, stay at alert and No losing focus!

  1. Know that you have the Right to protest
  2. Very important to have enough CASH on you.
  3. Never forget your mask and go with extra if possible
  4. Use sunscreen
  5. Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in because you may have to move quickly.
  6. Goggles will help protect you from tear gas.
  7. Go along with Water bottle with soapy water.
  8. Wear Weather appropriate clothes.
  9. A comfortable pair of shoes to be able to run away if you need to.
  10. Come with A wet bandana (store in a plastic bag) to wear over your nose and mouth if tear gas is used
  11. No makeup and no jewelry and no Contact lenses
  12. Be calm, focused and alert
  13. Have a protest buddy. Know 1 or 2 persons at the protest ground, know each other’s name and don’t get separated in order to be safe.
  14. Be Aware of Surroundings
  15. As soon as you change location, share it with family members or close associates
  16. Don’t go out without a form of ID
  17. Watch your environment for suspicious behaviors.
  18. Assess your surroundings. Know which direction to go if you need to run
  19. Watch for signs of physical and mental health of others.
  20. Avoid running, Walk quickly as much as possible to save energy. Only run as a last resort.
  21. Your phones should be fully charged and if possible, be there with a power bank
  22. Documentation either through pictures, writing or videos. Post online for others to update others.
  23. The way Sars and police are moving mad, pls hide or delete any sensitive material that may be used against you just in case you enter their lair
  24. Write an emergency contact number on your body (just in case)
  26. Remember to go along with your medications. some pain relievers, few bandages, inhalers and epi-pens.
  27. Set your social media to private, remove all location settings, delete personal infos and remove photos of your vulnerable family members.
  28. In the event that Sars officers or police starts to shoot, flatten yourself to the ground and crawl instead of running
  29. Don’t leave a protester behind for police to deal with. Gather in numbers when you see a protester being manhandled.

We in this together! make we no lose focus, make we no lose guard. This country is ours!



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