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Pro-Gamers Salaries – Life of a Pro Gamer

Playing games has moved away from doing it just for the fun to making a career out of it, and many people around the world still wonders how that is possible. The category of people who then make this as career and earn some huge living out of it has proved the impossibilities wrong. But what does it mean to be a Pro Gamer? What kind of life do they live as a career owner in that part?

The life of a pro gamer is one filled with too much of drama. They lose their respects from parents, especially at the early stage when they make up their minds to pursue a career in it because you need a strong mind to be a pro gamer. They get to be quizzed about how living school for playing games would bring them stable income like professional jobs. But they don’t mind and keep up bringing out the best from their passion.

They are as young as 15 years old when they start dedicating their lives to pro gaming. The time dedicated to playing and preparing for tournaments is as important to them as the air they breathe. Some of them go as far as playing 17 hours in a day with strategic timeouts to have their bath and eat.

In an interview with Matt Taylor aka ‘Impaler’, a young pro gamer, while addressing the issue of time and dedication to become the best and to earn more, he said “you won’t have time for other things, just don’t have a girlfriend, it’s not good for you, it’s not good for them.”

Just like physical games and sports around the world, pro gamers have their own fans around the world too. As at 2016, during tournaments around the world, pro gaming recorded up to 30 million people watching. And to talk of the sporting details like commentators during matches, analysts, paparazzi, and reporters reporting pre and after match events, they all bring life to the virtual sport.

There are stages of participation like in physical games. They have the lower division and the world tournaments. The urge to leave the lower division league is another morale booster for these players. It means a lot to them to be in the major leagues like it happens in world football. Unfortunately, there no points in the Challenger division of gaming. It can be emotionally devastating when players and team lose games because they have to start from scratch again. It is just too real.

Strategic and engaging games like Dota2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, StarCraft: Brood War, Heartstone etc., are the battle grounds for these gamers, which represent the pitch, the court, the course or any other platform in physical sports.

The Salary (Earnings)

Not all about pro gaming is a rocky land, they also live exuberant life with the proceedings that come from their dedication to what seems awkward to many people. Presently, a pro gamer makes an average salary of $60,000 and an expected Lifetime Earnings of $300,000, as against the 2012 average income that falls between $25,000 and $100,000 respectively.

You wonder how one could make a sum of $300,000 as some lifetime proceedings in a career; the reason is not far-fetched, it’s because most players start to lose reaction speed at the age of 22, except for veterans like Clinton “Fear” Loomis, who is 26-year-old as at 2014, and was lovingly referred to as “Old Man Dota”, who plays Dota2 a young person’s game.

Asides from getting signed into world popular teams and getting basic salaries, or winning big at tournaments, pro gaming also has various forms of earnings. You could connect a live stream to your computer and set up a PayPal account for donations, or form a partnership with And like it happens in physical sports, you could amass heavy-duty popular sponsors or ambassadorship from technology companies and brands.

These are the top 3 earners in the world as ranked by

  1. Kuro Salehi Takhasomi (KuroKy): He is the number in the whole world. He is from Germany. Born on October 28, 1992. He plays Dota 2 and has a total prize money of $3,394,188.35 from 76 Tournaments.
  2. Amer Barqawi (Miracle): Born on June 20, 1997. He is from Jordan. He is a Dota2 player. He has earned in total, a sum of $2,974,476.48, from 31 tournaments.
  3. Sashil Arora (UNiVeRsE): A Dota 2 player. He was born on October 11, 1989. He is from United States. The total prize money earned from 69 tournaments is $2,906,960.27.


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