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Substances that Protein Powders are filled with


Being law abiding, especially in this world of invention and comely innovation is a sure a tool to healthy living even as advancement dawns on us. There is hardly an industry or established organization that does not live by laws that guide and regulate them and the same applies to the nutrition industry. Specifically, in Nigeria and in Europe, the major and most pronounced law is the labeling of products. This compulsorily implemented law as regards food information to buyers and customers ensure and provide nutrition information. This is surely the nutritious cruise of this new era. However, as much as this law of labeling products just took effect about two years ago, it has been regulated since the ’90’s.

Now that this law has been regulated, we can search for what protein powders are filled with even from the printed wrappers around such protein’s plastic tub with an exceptionally safe feeling. Below are instances that our protein powders are filled with, however, not limited to these;

  • Lecithin

Lecithin is a kind of fat that is gotten from soybeans and every food products that are made from soybeans. The major intent in protein shake is to better enhance and enrich its texture. What this composite does is to neutralize clusters and make the beverage smoother. Also, some researchers has made us understand that has lecithin has the ability to improve the memory. This is quite amazing! Many a times, it is a prescription made to patients that are suffering from dementia or Mania rage. This fat also helps during work-outs.

  • Xanthum gum

Xanthan gum is used to make the texture of the protein powder thicker. It is made from a sugar component that is originally mixed with bacteria. One will relatively eat up additive that spreads to all its part daily. Interestingly, it does not exist only in our protein powder, it also exists in all of our tooth pastes, it is in our ketchup, mustard and even our salads and it gives more flavour. This is a timely and informative discovery.


Aminogens are very obvious and clearly patented components of enzymes that enables the body to take up protein more effectively. Without this Aminogen, what happens is that most shakes goes into the body from an end and goes out from another end, leaving no amino acids in the body . A major research done about ten years ago resulted into the fact combining aminogen with protein increases the way proteins are absorbed. This is huge because what it produces is a product that builds the muscle and this is what is good for our bodies and invariably what we will love.

  • Raubidioside A

Raubidioside A is naturally made sweet and is about 215 more effective than the normal sugar. It is also called “Stevia Extract”. What it does is sweeten drinks without having to add too many cubes and loads of sugar.



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