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Public Holidays for the rest of the year 2021

Today is Tuesday, the day after Easter Monday, the “long weekend” holiday where we all wished we were not going back to work and the holidays continues.

Considering that this happens mostly after every fun holiday, this is an outline of all the public holidays we have from May 2021 – December 2021 in Nigeria. Note that some dates may be special but public holidays won’t be observed and dates that falls on the weekend will be observed on weekdays.

I hope this helps you know when to prepare for the holiday and when to get your work shoes on!

Date Celebration
1st May Workers’ Day
12th – 14th May Eid al-Fitr
27th May Children’s Day
12th June Democracy Day
20th Jun Father’s Day
20th – 21st Jul Eid el Kabir
1st Oct Independence Day
19th Oct Id el Maulud
24th Dec Eve of Christmas
25th Dec Christmas Day
26th Dec Boxing Day
31st Dec New Year’s Eve

**Some of these celebrations are dependent on the appearance of the moon



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