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Questions for the interviewer

Most times as Job-seekers, toward the end of most job interviews, the interviewer will give you the opportunity to ask questions after the interview

Do not ask questions where the answer is obvious or readily available or topic that has already been thoroughly discussed in the interview.

While the Interviewer will be focused on finding out if you’re a right fit for the position, is is also important to decide if the company is a right fit for you.

There are aspects to focus your questions around

  • primary responsibilities
  • Management’s style
  • Company culture
  • Performance measurements
  • Future co-workers
  • Opportunities for growth
  • Moving forward

Here’s a list of some questions ready to help you through your next interview or prospective employer.

Questions a job-seeker might ask at a job interview

  1. Can you describe a typical day for someone in this position?
  2. What is the top priority of the person who accepts this job?
  3. What are the day-to-day expectations and responsibilities of this job?
  4. How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured? And by whom? How often?
  5. Can you describe the company’s (or division’s or department’s) management style?
  6. Can you discuss your take on the company’s corporate culture?
  7. What are the key characteristics you think a person needs to be a great cultural fit at your company?
  8. How would you describe the company’s values?
  9. How would you characterize the management philosophy of this organization?
  10. Does the organization support ongoing training and education for employees to stay current in their fields?
  11. How is this department perceived within the organization?
  12. Is there a formal process for advancement within the organization?
  13. What are the traits and skills of people who are the most successful within the organization?
  14. What is the organization’s policy on transfers to other divisions or other offices?
  15. Are lateral or rotational job moves available?
  16. How do leaders set employees up for success?
  17. What do you hope I will accomplish in this position
  18. How does management deliver negative feedback to employees?
  19. . What are your views on goals, timelines, and measuring success?
  20. How do you develop teamwork skills among employees?
  21. What type of mentor system do you have in place?
  22. What type of educational/training opportunities does the company offer?
  23. What career development opportunities do you offer to your employees?
  24. What advancement opportunities are available?
  25. How do leaders promote employee growth and success?
  26. What does it take to be a top performer at this company?
  27. How do you develop teamwork skills among employees?
  28. How would you describe the work environment here,is the work typically collaborative or more independent?
  29. What are the current goals that the company is focused on, and how does this team/role work to support hitting those goals?
  30. How do you see my skills and experience fitting with the needs of the company?
  31. Do you have any reservations about considering me for this role?
  32. What’s the next step of this process, and when can I expect to hear from you?
  33. Is there any other information I can provide you with?

This signals to a potential employer that the interviewee is engaged meaningfully in the process, an active listener, invested in the interview but also a discerning job seeker. The questions can provide valuable information about an organization.

Not every question listed here needs to be asked during the interview, ask them when and where you see fit depending on the conversation, role, and type of interview.



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