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Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Weight

  1. Nigeria

Living and surviving in a country like Nigeria will not help you gain weight.

The hustle will burn out little weight you gain, the prices of food will not encourage you to eat, traffic in the country might make you forget you’re yet to eat breakfast or dinner and the problems of Nigeria will only make you decide to save for “japa” instead of actually eating. If all these does not happen one government policy, bank or agency will take the little you have kept for feeding

  1. Hormones

You cannot gain weight or get the necessary fat you want because of your hormonal factor (e.g., thyroid, leptin, ghrelin), can be affecting your metabolic rate or hunger levels.

  1. You are not minding your business

Minding the business that pays you gives you peace and rest of mind that cannot be bought and in returns helps you gain weight in the right places because you’re very relaxed. When you “choc cho cho” here and dear, you use up all the stored-up energy and calories needed for weight gain. Relax, drink water and watch your body add up in the necessary places.


  1. You’re not eating right

Your likes or dislike for a particular food doesn’t matter if your goal is to gain weight, most importantly food with calories and nutritional value.

You should consume food best for weight gain like Milk, avocado, Rice, white bread, fufu, egusi soup, yam, eggs, Nuts, butter, cheese, pounded yam, Healthy Fats and Oils, Bananas and all kinds of carbs but contact your dietician if facing any health issues

  1. Your Activity and Lifestyle

Trying to gain weight and indulging in a hectic lifestyle, cardio, exercises, or some rigorous sport will not help you. Instead of gaining, you’re burning a lot of calories. You should Cut back on these activities, eat more and go for cardio and exercises that isn’t calorie burning.

  1. You’re not eating enough calories

You need to up the number of calories you eat if your daily diet isn’t up to 500 calories.

  1. Drink water after eating

If you’re trying to gain weight, don’t over drink water before eating to avoid getting filled up before eating since you need all that food to actually gain weight. Remember it is still important to drink water frequently.

  1. Psychological Issues

Your mental state of mind also affects you physically. Stress, depression, sadness, emotions can be a major factor as to why you aren’t experiencing the body changes you may want, they will change your eating habit and may not help you increase in weight gain as you want. If this is a constant issue, you should give your doctor or therapist a visit

  1. Big Brother Nigeria

Yes, a worthy mention to the trendiest reality Tv show in Africa #BBnaija. Watching it 24/7 will not give you that time to prepare a worthy weigh gain dinner, lunch or breakfast, you’ll rather go for something very light which will not have the necessary number of calories you want. So, catch a break, take few minutes in preparing yourself something good.

10. Woman

All your money, time and attention will be on this particular woman or women, you won’t have time to spend money on food instead, you’ll have to share. For a normal dinner where you use 5k, the presence of woman/women in your lives breaks it to 1k or N500. You see my point?!

Well, this will not happen if you’re wise.



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