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Recipe For A Perfect Owambe Party

"Weekends are for Owambe", this is mostly the updates from party goers every weekend. To have a successful and proper Yoruba owambe these things must not be lacking.

Your Owambe should not lack any of these to qualify as proper owambe

“Weekends are for Owambe”, this is mostly the updates from party goers every weekend and if you’re not dressed, slaying and dancing at an owambe as a guest or  “mogbo moya”, then you must be boring, simply have no friends or an introvert.

Nigeria is a country with diverse cultures and social events like owambe which could be a wedding, birthday, burial, anything as long as there’s food is what unifies us.

Owambe is a popular slang to mean “it is there”, that’s where it is happening, that’s where there is food in surplus that involves spraying of money, food in surplus, live band, asoebi and music.

Owambe’s are specific to the Yoruba tribe and no weekend in Nigeria is complete without an Owambe party.

Planning a proper owambe needs time, lots of money and location. However, to have a successful and proper Yoruba owambe your party must not lack these things.

Jollof, Amala, ofada

Food ofcourse is the number one thing you shouldn’t get wrong. While 50% of your guests are coming for the food,  the ‘mogbo moyas’ are 100%  for the food especially the jollof rice.

Your jollof rice must have the taste, scent and adornments of party jollof. It must be served with any of these option beef, chicken, moimoi, salad, fried rice or all of the above.

Hot Amala, gbegiri and ewedu should also mark owambe attendance and it should be prepared by Amala/ gbegiri experts. Have your pounded yam or Semo with vegetable or egusi on standby for a second option for those avoiding the stains from the ewedu.

What’s a Yoruba party without ibile rice? That ofada rice must come with ayamase and ‘orisirisi’. There’s no boring ofada rice especially at a Yoruba party.

If these women are not frying your meat, turning your Amala or jollof then you’re not ready.


Where are you having your party? The location of your party will tell your guests a lot about the host. Is it a compound party, outdoor or hall party? What’s the capacity and total number of guests expected. Whatever ootion you go for, make sure there’s a rest room with running water, car park and toiletries.


After food and drink, it’s party time! So, what do you have planned for the guests?. The type of guest you’re inviting will determine if it’s DJ, playlist, live band or artist performance. Know what your crowd will vibe best with because Music gingers the crowd to dance and spray money.

What’s a naija party without spraying of money? To this effect the music needs to be loud and if it’s a live band, they’ll sing the praises of guests. But know this, A vibrant live band is a must for any owambe.

Hype man or MC

It used to be just an MC at owambe’s but Hype men are taking over and controlling the dance floor. If you can you should have both an MC and hype man, one for the main event, the other for the party.

What hypmen does is to burst people head and hail them into spending and spraying cash.


Yoruba party without going back home with a souvenir is wrong. For a Yoruba party to end in high spirit, colorful and for the event to be remembered, there will be a parting gift.

Souvenirs are gifts like notepad, pen, buckets, hand fan, phone, purses, etc.


It’s a collective attire a group of people wear to owambe to show unity. A family, union, friends or colleagues can decide to pick one attire for an occasion to show they are together.

There is a popular saying “O wo ankara, o je semo” which translates to “If you do not wear ankara (or aso-ebi) you won’t get semo”.without asoebi you might miss out on special food, drinks,souvenirs, and any other special favour. Whether it’s funerals, weddings or naming, Nigerians always find a reason to pick aso-ebi.

Owambe parties are a good reason to show off, relax, network, socialize and celebrate with family and friends.

We still don’t know who host the best owambe party between Ogun, Oyo and Lagos state.



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