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Small Business Marketing and Technology

Keeping up as a small business owner in this present age of digitalization is as challenging as interesting. But no matter how challenging it may look, there are ways around getting the best out of what you have chosen as a way of life. With the hundreds of available digital tools available online, your work just got easier.

Here are 5 selected tools under different categories for your use:

Business Development

From planning to financing daily management needs, starting a small business requires a steep learning curve. Use these free resources to gain the knowledge you need to develop your business idea in a successful business.

  1. gov

Searching for information about developing your business idea online can lead to conflicting information. Information and direct business training without a calendar can be found on the website of the U.S. Small Business Here you will find information on writing business plans, tips for entrepreneurs and reliable information on financing your business and more. It is an amazing resource for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs!

  1. SCORE

For more than 50 years, the non-profit SCORE Association has offered education and mentoring opportunities to help small businesses get started and reach their growth goals. offers free online learning opportunities and confidential personal tutoring services across the country, offered by volunteer entrepreneurs with years of corporate ownership experience.

Business Planning

Be it that you are just coming with a new business or refining your existing business model, these free tools will pave the way for your business planning process.

  1. com

Writing a plan for a new business does not necessarily mean starting in a total way different from existing ones. Take a look at to see examples of business plans that represent almost every industry, from Barbers to Digital companies and more.

  1. Enloop

Sometimes, even when you have a plan samples, starting with a blank word document to write your business plan, is often overwhelming. Use Enloop to easily create a business-related business plan with 3-year financial reports and even get a free business plan score that helps you shift your plan from good to excellent.

Note: Your first business plan comes free, with low subscription rates for additional plans and additional features.


Content Development

  1. Grammarly

As a small business owner, it is certain that you would be involved in developing a lot of contents, be it for your blog, email content, newsletters, Social Media contents etc. In the process of doing these, you need an App like (a chrome extension) to take charge of your grammar, sentence construction, punctuation mistakes and other things that matter when writing.



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