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Common things “Startups” need to know before setting out

As a startup, social media success is the aim when you have strategically laid down plans. This is done to get to the place in your dreams but this in itself, is the beginning of another struggle. Why? because many startups fail to acknowledge the power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the knowledge of it. Therefore, as another startup who has just ventured into a new journey,  you must be aware. Not just that but like one that is planning to become a startup, you are expected to be inclined with the use of SE Ranking SEO Software.

Every concept has its own starter pack. Starter’s pack that serves as manual that guides anyone venturing into it for the first time. Also, as an entrepreneur or a startup, you are expected to be inclined with the following SEO clichés:

  • Website Optimization

Having a website on the social media is one of the most important needs as a startup. It is where you update everything that your prospective customers or users need to know. It is what people will come in contact with as your CV on first contact, hence, the need to make the best of it. Doing this, you must be able to design a user-friendly interface and must be generally accessible.

It all begins with getting a domain name that includes your brand name.  This is so of the relativity that comes with what your business is all about. Adding a pretty sum of keywords to your website and its contents is another outstanding move. It would simply increase the visibility of your website during search and make it pop-up on the leading pages.

  • Content is Ultimate

Whenever the talks on getting it right with SEO comes up, content development is like a spine to such discussion. Without it, other things being discussed are definitely on a futile journey. Content is like the air SEO or marketing in general inhale for survival. Therefore, as a startup, it is a prerequisite for achieving success. Internet users are always in search of one content or another  and that is the reason.

It is now a thing of the past when SEO ranking was dominated by the so called black hat links. Links that would magically uplift your website on the rankings through some links attached to your website. When you are writing, you should have it in mind that you are first writing for humans. These human beings are looking for quality and not machines.

Also, when developing your contents, make sure you lay down a well-structured content to put out there, ones that would not make it difficult to use your website. Easy navigation on your website through your content structure is a bonus for the visibility of your website among the throng on the internet. While that is important, Google now focus on mobile users and if your site is not mobile-responsive, you are likely not going to be treated kindly by Google. This is because, recently, Google has started looking into site architecture to ensure key information is easy to find, hence, having awesome accessible content is a big part of making your content ultimate.

Therefore, developing outstanding content for your website from the homepage to the contact us page is as important as the reason for owning it. This is highly required because creating a long tail content (i.e. one that flows through all your pages) makes savvy SEOs to pull in prospective customers. This customers find answers or get educated in the process of going through your website. Also, they get to know more about your products and services.

  • Start Blogging and Social Media Linking

Blogging and social media sharing are awesome ways to drive traffic to your website. Furthermore, they improve your presence on search engine results. When you develop good contents for your blog, it makes people want to read more on your website. And when they get to find what they are looking for on your blog through search engines, they will always come back. An icing on the cake is when you share your contents on social media platforms, you get wide spread of links especially when they get shared a lot by users, they get to reach large amount of people.

  • Link Strategy is Important

This has to do with developing a linking strategy that helps your business and improve its visibility on search engine results pages. When you have links to other relevant and reputable websites on your website, it helps boost your SEO. In doing this, you need to focus on websites that do the same thing with yours. This is majorly because search engine algorithms love links to reliable and well-regarded websites. While doing that, you should also focus on internal linking (i.e. your own website pages), as this leads to increase in your page hits.

  • Get Coverage

Getting SEO right is not just about linking to other sites as mentioned above. It’s also about getting links to your website from other reputable websites. This shows search engines that your website is reputable and reliable too. You can do this by building links with other blogs and news sources. If you can get a mention on a local news website that is widely read by people in your community, this will help you a lot. Also, look at ways to develop relationships with influential bloggers. It will give you some important coverage and this is great



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