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Things that work for business starters

Here are some outlines for the entrepreneur starter

  • Optimize Your Website

The most important asset you have as an incoming startup is your website. This is the first thing people will come in contact with regarding your business. Therefore, you need to make the best of it, it needs to be good, be easy to find for as many people as possible and must be user-friendly. How?

Get a domain name that includes your brand name because it makes it relatively clear what your business is about. Also, add plenty of keywords to your website and its content; doing this successfully, will make your website easier to find among the throng of website on the internet. To get this done more professionally or any further issues, use the SE Ranking SEO software.

  • Develop A Link Strategy

Focusing on linking is an integral thing to the success of your website then your start up. It is all about developing a linking strategy that helps your business and improve its visibility on search engine results pages. Having links to other relevant and reputable websites on your website boosts your SEO. In doing this, you need to focus on websites that do the same thing with yours because search engine algorithms love links to reliable and well-regarded websites. While doing that, you should also focus on internal linking (i.e. your own website pages), as this leads to increase in your page hits.

  • Content Is King Always

For obvious reasons, the acceptability of the phrase “Content is king” has grown so well that it has become more than a cliché when it comes to discussions on SEO or marketing in general. It is now a prerequisite for achieving success as a startup because internet users are looking for content; outstanding content.

It is now a thing of the past when SEO ranking was dominated by the so called black hat links that would magically uplift your website on the rankings through some links attached to your website. As a user who is looking for outstanding content, and Google who is trying to serve the best content to users, why would they desire a less appealing and informative content? Definitely, no one wants to deal with craps.

Therefore, developing outstanding content for your website from the homepage to the contact us page is as important as taking in oxygen into a human system. This is highly required because creating a long tail content (i.e. one that flows through all your pages) makes savvy SEOs to pull in prospective customers who find answers or get educated in the process of going through your website or knowing more about your products and services.

Another way through is having a well-packaged content that would not make users to find it difficult to use your website. Google’s focus now is on mobile users, and if your site does not work on correctly on mobile, you are likely not going to be treated kindly by Google if your competitors all have sites that are well mobile-responsive. This is because, recently, Google has started looking into site architecture to ensure key information is easy to find, hence; having awesome accessible content is a big part of making your content king.

  • Start Blogging And Link It To Social Media

Blogging and Social Media sharing are supercool ways to drive traffic to your website and improve your presence on search engine results. When you develop good contents for your blog, it makes people want to read more on your website when they get to find searched content on your blog through Google or Bing. An icing on the cake is when you now share your contents on Social Media platforms, you get wide spread of links especially when they get shared a lot by users, they get to reach large amount of people.

  • Get Coverage

Getting SEO right is not just about linking to other sites as mentioned above, it’s also about getting links to your website from other reputable websites; this shows search engines that your website is reputable and reliable too. You can do this by building links with other blogs and news sources. If you can get a mention on a local news website that is widely read by people in your community, this will help you a lot. Also, look at ways to develop relationships with influential bloggers that might be able to give you some important coverage.

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