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Stories and Experiences from SARS

Dear Nigerian Youth,

Oh sorry! Dear Fellow Nigerian youth, we have started losing focus, its one problem or the other that keeps trending and taking our minds away. Our only focus should be #EndSars!

The energy we started with has dwindled, we seem to have forgotten what we fight for, we seem to have forgotten people have died before this protest and during the protest in the hands of SARS.

I just learnt Jimoh Isiaq a by stander who was killed during the protest left a wife and a daughter


If you are not angry enough, I am here to fuel your anger with Sars stories, you need to be reminded or know why we protest, I need that anger charged to 100% because if we don’t keep pushing all we have done and the lives of souls lost will not be happy.

Nigeria Youth must win this because this is just the beginning for a new Nigeria.

My fellow online protesters, let’s remain motivated and inspired, remain focus only on d Goal which is  #EndSARS & #EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA we need to have a society where a Son of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody According to Aisha Yesufu.


A story of murder, sexual assault, extortion  and many other crimes.

Still tired, want to quit on the protest, this man was shot and his wife was wife was killed right in front of their kids because of N2000.

This guy in this video lost his 2 Brothers to police brutality… and you’re alive but tired??

BBC Expose of what goes on inside one SARS station.


Remember Ojahbee?

Look at how they dragged him around like an animal, if this was you r someone you know would you give up on #EndSars?



He took his own life after SARS made him lose N7million in forex trading.

Ibukun Awosika, the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria had this to say;


This is Jimoh’s widow, a young man who was shot during a PEACEFUL PROEST in Oyo state.

This is how some innocent citizens are tortured for no reason. This is Officer Friday as he is popularly known in


From London, the story of Hassan Alfa that was horrifically tortured by SARS in Kano.

Some of them even get promoted or transferred after murdering and torturing innocent youth


Just Imagine your beloved only father shot dead right in front of you…would your legs be tired from protesting or your hands tired from Tweeting & Retweeting

These are just few stories I saw and could collate. When you’re tired, let these stories ginger you, put yourself in their shoes get angry, renew that energy because Sars must definitely end!

Reading these stories over and over again wasn’t fun for me and shouldn’t be fun for you, this is your “energy drink” for this protest.

They will try everything in their power to end it and truth be told, they are more powerful than us but they are not us, they are not “lazy” like us, they don’t feel what we feel, they’ve not experienced what we have.

We continue to move till it is over!



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