Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Surviving Nigeria 101

The long awaited election of 2023 is over. Whether your preferred candidate was voted in or not, it’s a battle of survival now as we hold onto hope waiting for a change.

Survival isn’t a new word for Nigerians, it’s one of our top 2 qualities as citizens of this great nation but this time, survival is harder than before.

Surviving Nigeria went from 10 to 100 as economy dwindled to the lowest, prices of goods and services tripled, electricity is poorer than before, the Naira is falling faster than gravity… With all these there’s no increment in salaries.

At this point, it’s pretty hard to be positive when you compare how things were, the statement “Nigeria go better” seem impossible.

How do we survive this madness of a country bent on sucking your already dried blood?

Don’t wallow in self pity.

These people just tell themselves “body no be firewood” and just give up on striving for more.

In this current state where egg that used to be N20- N50 is now N100-150 how can you afford anything if you keep pitying yourself?

Survival continues and rests on hope.

Keep holding on to the hope that you’ll be in a better place tomorrow but continue the hustle for survival.

Don’t rely on a source of income.

People say this a lot but is it doable? Yes!

If you work a 9-5, make the other hustle something you can do on weekends or one that wouldn’t disturb your 9-5. Just make sure one doesn’t disturb the other. technology has made it possible for a person to have 2 or more sources of income.

Spend on a budget 

No matter how much you earn, if you don’t prepare a budget and live by it, Nigeria will humble you. Unless there’s an emergency, Adhere strictly to your budget . Be prudent on your spending.

Different between your needs and want.

This is help you with your spending and budgeting, to avoid unnecessary expenses, you want to focus more on needs than your want.

Have a Savings culture 

It’s actually more difficult to save now as expenses now outweighs income but savings will come in handy. There are quite a number of apps that can help you with this.

Avoid debt and billing.

Run as fast as you can when billing comes from any angle.

Clear all your debt and avoid going into more debt. If you live within your means and save, you will be able to help yourself in time of emergency. Don’t go making promises you can’t fulfil and avoid billing situations you can’t escape. Apart from family, you don’t owe anyone so apply judgement. They say “givers never lack” but in this current state, givers are in huge debt.

Avoid Nigerian Police

If you come across them on the road, try as much as possible to avoid them asking for money. Be calm, answer their questions, greet them well, there’s no need to be stubborn, be polite and courteous, not doing all this might lead to you parting away with large sum or money or worse.

Avoid Nigerian Women

Many of them are preys looking for their next meal and if you’re gullible, you’ll fall into their trap. They have a way with words when they need something from you, they will milk you dry of everything valuable you had if you are not cautious

Get a hobby

Have a “me” time for yourself. Do whatever you love that’ll Relax your body, soul and spirit. Take yourself out, read a book, go dancing, go to kareokes, do whatever within your budget.


Pamper your body with soft exercises or visit the gym. It’s another way to relax yourself and take your mind off things. Join an aerobics class, download apps for exercises or join a gym near you.

Currently, everyone is barely surviving.



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