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The importance of content

In today’s world, Digital Marketing has taken over every means of Marketing, in such a way that it has made the traditional platforms (Television, Radio, and Prints), to become subordinates or to become reminder mediums for what is going on in the digital space. The table has turned and those who acknowledge and move with the trend appreciates the goodness it has brought.

What then is the most important in digital marketing? Many would say it is the appropriate selection of channels of communication, while some would say it is the customer. Have you ever thought of “Content” being the king in the digital space? It is what brings out your offer as fast as possible to the ever busy consumers and customers on the digital space.

It is with contents that you would communicate your aims and objectives in forms of your services or your products packaging. But, it does not end there. One has to know the process of developing good contents that worth sitting on the throne of marketing in the digital age. Hence; here are procedures to achieve contents that sell in digital marketing:

  1. Aims and Objectives: To start with, you cannot get to write the appropriate or selling content if you do not reinstate your aims and objectives of doing marketing. It is the acknowledgement of these that would lead you into knowing what channel, what language, who are your audience, etc.
  2. Audience: It is very important to know that audience research can never be left out in the marketing process, hence; the need to know who your audience is/are before you can develop the content that makes them react and act to your marketing. Here, we talk of knowing their demographics, their age brackets, their lifestyle. Basically, this is to help you put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you know them.
  3. Message: Knowing your audience would help you to design the accurate message to send to them. You know the choice of words or language that they deal with. Here also, you would know the media type to communicate to the with, will it be videos, or text, or pictures and graphics? They all come together to play in vital role in making you enthrone your content in the digital marketing space.
  4. Channel: Where are your audience dwelling? Where do they spend most of their times? Are they more of email people? Do they spend all of their spare times on Social Media platforms? What are the platforms they are using? Being able to answer all these questions, would make you place the right content to the right audience, while you expect leads or conversions.
  5. Timing: This segment deals with knowing the appropriate time to send out your well-thought-out messages on the available channels. Sending contents about men’s fashion during a world cup match, for an audience of the host country on Social Media, could be as useless as not sending at all. You need to know the appropriate time your audience would be able to have ample exposure to.

With creativity and proper application of the above, you are sure on your way to make returns with your content development with digital marketing.



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