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These Might Just Be The Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

You’re not losing weight because of these reasons

You’re probably Pregnant

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal, make sure before assuming you visit the doctor. On confirmation go for whole foods like fruits, veggies, grains, and proteins that nourish you and your baby.

You’re addicted to junk

If you can’t help but to eat junk every day, you should Consider seeking professional help to curb your junk addiction. You can also simply start by eating less junk everyday till you can totally do away with it, you can equally replace your junk with fruits instead. It seems impossible and challenging but it is do-able.

You lack sleep

If you get less than 5 hours or more than 9 hours of sleep, it can be linked to weight gain. Good sleep is one of the most important factors for your physical and mental health as well as your weight, with little or too much of it losing weight becomes a problem. Dieting itself can cause stress and fatigue hence the need for quality rest you for you not to feel fatigued when it’s time for workouts.

You drink too much alcohol

Beer, wine, and sugary alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, if you regularly have 3 or more drinks a day, you’re likely to gain weight. If you must drink alcohol and still want to lose all that weight stick to spirits mixed with a zero-calorie beverage or stick to a glass of wine and Drink moderately.

You don’t drink enough water

To make your weight journey fast, to reduce your calorie intake, to lose extra pounds drinking up to 3 liters each day and a glass of water 30mins before meals will help you increase the number of calories you burn. It will serve you right to leave soda, juice or coffee for water, water has zero calories, it removes the fear of adding more weight.

You eat everything

You eat anything edible without considering the calories and effect it has on your body. You have no control of your appetite; you have no idea of what you should eat and when to eat is no concern of yours as long as food is there.

This attitude will never make you lose that weight. You need to track your food intake, track and know the number of calories you consume, have a diet plan and keep a food diary, it will be helpful if you’re trying to lose weight.

You don’t eat at the right time

Spacing out your meals before eating slows down your metabolism and makes you hungrier which will make you eat more than you’re supposed to. Taking your breakfast at lunch time does mot help your metabolism burn off calories, these calories remain in your body and end up as extra weight.

You don’t eat enough protein

One important nutrient for losing weight is protein, it can boost metabolism by 80–100 calories per dayand reduce cravings

Meeting your protein needs is easily achieved from eating a variety of foods like meat and fish, corn, potatoes, oats, peas, turkey, avocado, eggs, dairy products, seeds and nuts.

You sit a lot

The body becomes very relaxed when you sit all day, whether it’s in front of the TV watching your favorite show at home or in front of a desk at the office. It makes you relaxed, over eat which will lead to more stored up weight. From time to time walk around, do some stretches for few minutes, stand while working and much on fruits instead of junks

You don’t include exercises

There are non-gym exercises you can do while going about your daily routine. Taking the staircase, doing the heavy lifting, walking instead of driving and walk around while on the phone. Just make sure to keep moving all day long

Potion control

Reduce the quantity of food you eat. Don’t eat what 3 people will eat at go, this in the long run will make a big difference.

Your medication

Your weight gain may have a lot to do with your medication, some drugs could make you gain a little weight, some will make you feel hungrier and over eat.

You take a lot of sugar

Sugary drinks, juices, snacks or food are fattening, avoid them at all cost



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