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Think Twice Before Making These Decisions

Think Twice before you make these decisions.

Thinking twice before taking some actions is really underated, Most of us forget it’s s a really important approach to life and best approach to any decision making.

In many situations, you have to think big, wide, focus, and twice. This helps you in make better decision.

Before doing of these things, Consider taking a pause and Think again.

1. Cheat.

Cheating can’t be undone, you can’t perfectly glue back what’s being shattered. So before you destroy that relationship with your partner (business/relationship), colleague, friends, or family, think again. Cheating in the exam hall is worse if you’re caught.

2. Breakfast.

Breakup is one of the hardest thing to accept expecially an unexpected one. The aftermath and emotional complication can be very hard on the reciever, it drives some crazy.Heartbreak So before breaking up with anyone, think twice, think of the other person state of mind and think of a subtle to deliver it.

3. Hitting the “send” button:

To avoid that “I wish I can unsend” moment, think again and reread that text or email you’re about to send. You don’t want to experience that sinking feeling that comes with it.

4. Under the influence of emotions.

Making decisions when in an emotional state isn’t in your best interest. For example, Arguing while being angry will make you say and do do things you might not do or want to do, Walk away or take a few breaths. Also making promises when very happy might not be a wise decision. Do not let your your emotions make you decisions but rather think twice and be logical. It is fine to feel happy, upset, angry or resentful, it’s just not Ok to make decisions purely based on it.

5. Having kids.

Bringing a kid or kids into this world isn’t for the faint hearted or small job. If you don’t have the time, mental state of mind, willpower, energy or money Pls think again. I added money for those who can outsource jobs. From pregnancy to their teenage years you’ll be sacrificing a lot. So Pls think as many times as possible.

6. Making decisions too quickly

Whether it’s a personal or official issue, negotiation, don’t approve or reject things too quickly just to get them out of the way or feel pressured. Don’t be in a hurry to make important decisions too quickly, if a decision merits taking some thinking time, take it.

7. Before you give advice;

is your advice needed?, Will they listen to you?. Before you give advice, think they want your advice or just need you to listen?. Except if explicitly asked, try and curb your urge to fix someone’s situation, and practice listening without judgment or urge to give advice instead.

8. Spending money:

is it a need or want?? Before you buy, ask yourself if you can do without it.

9. Think twice before you quit;

do you have another option after quitting? Or a business to fall back on? How will you fend for yourself?. Find an “option B” before you quit that job.

10. Think twice before you fall in love;

to avoid breakfast you can’t comfortably eat, think twice before falling in love. When you decide to, enjoy every moment.




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