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Trended For The Right Reasons

Trended for the right reasons

You log onto twitter, get distracted by a very interesting post, you decide to check the comments and quotes but under the comments you’ll see lots of advert by small business owners, if you’re frequent under comments section you’ll notice a particular advert by a personal shopper @MensahEstherOmo. You can never miss her post under any viral tweet, she’s always there telling the world to partronise her.


Things changed for her when someone else’s rudeness became her blessing.

On seeing this reply from this handle, people who have noticed Esther’s hustle tweets on every viral post did the most kindest thing, they offered their help in form of money, gifts and also posted her hustle on twitter.



Esther took the number 1 spot on the trend table for more than 12hrs and added over 7000 followers


You may think no one is watching you or no one noticed that “small” effort you put towards your business but trust that people know you and they’re watching. That small effort of yours will blossom when you least expect

This act reminded me that Nigerians are still good people.



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