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#Twitterban; How Brands, SMEs and Individuals benefitted from Twitter

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Twitter, a micro blogging platform has been a life saver to many, a networking site for some, a money-making machine for some, a “store” for vendors, a relaxation “spot”, a stress reliever, a news platform, an educational medium, a love nest and a job portal for many.

The platform which Publicly launched in July 2006, currently boasts of over 353 million monthly active users with over 35 million Twitter users in Nigeria and has done more good than harm for the Nigerian youths.

The benefits of twitter in Nigeria supersedes whatever illegal reasons they have towards suspending it, It goes far beyond politics or personal vendetta or just for “been there” sake, Kudos to TwitterNG a kidnapping/murdering ring was discovered, the fight against police brutality came alive which gave Nigerian youth a voice (hoping it never dies), thousands of youths have found jobs, start-ups found themselves, SMEs have been able to survive and it has given Nigerians a platform to observe their fundamental human right to freedom of speech.

It has become a big integral part of what we do, how we live, where we go, our experiences, our past and our future, it is not just an app, it is a way of life and is relevant to the media, to celebrities, to brands, big corporations, Industry influencers, SMEs, politicians and the Government themselves.

The hidden jealousy, opposition to freedom of speech, inability to control and  and the “dislike” for hustling Nigerian youth is becoming an unending cycle, seeing that we make things work for us must really be frustrating but I’ll point out how much people and brands have benefited from “Twitter”.

  • Good for traffic and visibility

As a business person, a brand owner or big corporation, twitter has become one of those platforms that will drive your audience to you. With or without a website, with good content you’ll receive a healthy number of leads from twitter.

Using Twitter will boost your business impact and results, increase your visibility and connect you to diverse customers.

  • Networking

Reaching out to people have become so easy on twitter for whatever reason. For jobs, for hang out, for request, for whatever reason, you can meet anyone and able to connect with people you don’t now and may want to know by starting a conversation, joining conversations or twitter space and being visible. You can easily connect with likeminded people

  • Easy connection to your audience

Being on twitter as a brand gives you leverage than those who aren’t, it connects you to your audience for easy communication, feedbacks and helps with brand identity. It also helps when brands start and join in on relevant conversations thereby building an engaging community and following.

  •  Information dissemination 

It was very easy for information to be passed across on through twitter. Breaking news, presidential  media chat, road accidents, traffic reports, kidnappings, job postings, all kinds of information.

  • Jobs

Through twitter a lot of people have gotten jobs by posting what they can do and their certifications, a lot of young people became influencers (digital marketers) for big corporations and brands which has helped in curbing the menace of unemployment.

  • Political campaigns

Before the suspension, politicians and incoming government office holders use twitter to for campaigns. Some of the became quite popular and won elections through campaigns done on twitter

  • Increased sales for SMEs

Owning a store where you have to wait for people to come in 24/7 can e frustrating and not making any sales at all, unlike twitter whatever service or product you sell is posted to your page and easy for people to see. Twitter has helped crate that easy access to your goods, services and to you without both parties moving an inch, it has increased chances at direct selling, bigger chances of reaching more people and direct access to purchasing through pictures posted. all you need to do is visit the store’s page on twitter, go through the media and choose what you want and send a DM(direct message).

  • Feedbacks and reviews

You’re able to get feedback, reviews, opinions, guidance, and information on your brand and business from customers and audiences. It gives you that chance to interact with them, find solutions to problems and answer questions about product and services.

  • Cost free

Let me add that twitter is cost free and you can do whatever you want that’s within its policy. It is free to set up a Twitter account except you’re trying to get additional features  which you can subscribe to on twitter for $3.49 and $4.49 per month and it’s available in just Canada and Australia.



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