Monday, February 26, 2024
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every tide that comes back from the surf
brings a memory of river banks with a hidden shell,
of silent nights with many tears, of spoken echoes
with circus of blood;

hope home is still home?

it’s 5:28am and I am searching for you in the water
that waits with blue shades

i am singing dark dirges for a boy who forgot home
and fell for a fiery rain;
for a girl that was in the shade of a broken letter.

your mouth is green, somewhere in the heart of the second warrior
but I do not scare, broken songs eat ice too.
your bones are blank, like the sea girl at the foot of solitude
but I do not shatter, darkness is also a dream in Bangladesh.

2013, no fruit fell from the tree anymore
but lights don’t lie. In the midst of midnight memories
you still glitter like music is the noon of bane.

i hope that when you meet me someday
you will realize we fought the same war.



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