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Valentine on a budget; How not to break the bank

The buzz around valentine this year is super high, what’s happening? Single people this single people that, who told you valentine is specifically for relationship and married folks?

Do you need to be reminded that valentine is basically a show of love, friendship, admiration and putting smile on someone’s face? Let’s not get carried away, Val is for everybody single, broke, rich, poor, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, aunty, everybody!

While on it, don’t beat yourself up or push too hard to impress anyone. I saw a post on twitter where a girl had to lend money to her friend’s boyfriend (unemployed) just so he could afford the list given to him by his gf (her friend) for valentine… I call bullshit on all 3 of them.

As much as I expect partners to understand each other, know each other financial status, they should be able to communicate each other’s feelings and know when they both draw the line instead of going as far as borrowing. When does the borrowing end? After marriage or first child?

Valentine went from simple to overdoing it. For a holiday centered on your love for another person, Valentine’s Day seems expensive. Although most of us (hopefully) celebrate our love for a partner in little ways every day, Valentine’s Day seems like THE day to show you care.

Let’s talk about how to enjoy valentine with little or no cash at all, it just takes creativity and open mindedness to have fun bearing in mind you already have an idea of what your partner or friend(s) or family might like.

First things first, have a budget. Don’t imagine things, have an idea of what you want to do and how much doing it will cost you.

  1. If this is something you seldom do or haven’t done it together, then just Prepare a Home-Cooked Meal. Make the meal together, it’s much more romantic and creates a bond, pair with a bottle of red wine and few candles or a dimmer lightening for the ambiance of a romantic restaurant.
  2. And if you must dine out, you don’t have to go to an expansive restaurant, remember you working with a budget. Make plans ahead for where you or she would like to go, suggest a place that works with your budget and quite acceptable by your partner.
  3. You could also find an activity around the house you could complete with the family or your partner. Find an Unfinished Projects around the House and finish it in the in the Name of Love.
  4. After completion of the project, Plan a Romantic Movie Night in With Valentine’s-Inspired Snacks and make it a movie marathon, of course with wine. Movie marathons are another idea for spending a budget-friendly romantic night together. Choose from romcoms, adventure films, classic movies, or whatever else you love watching together. Pile on blankets, grab snacks and cozy up for a fun end to your night.
  5. If you and you partner haven’t had something wild and serious in bed at all or in a while, it’s time to Get Creative and Shake Things Up in the Bedroom. Get your S&M on! Set up your wine, ice, candy, anything that gets you freaky. Remember the lyric Sticks and stones may break my bones. But chains and whips excite me, you could switch to BDSM, make it an unforgettable valentine but never forget your alcohol.
  6. Satisfy His or Her Valentine’s Sweet Tooth with From-Scratch Baked Goods, chocolate, cookies, candy… make the val sweet!
  7. A night at the park or outside the house star gazing, while gisting and discussing about each other’s lives or playing word games.
  8. Get him or her a Jewelry. Not all jewelry has to be expensive. If your partner loves beautiful necklaces, then find an affordable option.
  9. Notice the online vendors she’s been patronizing, surprise her with a gift from them let it go along with a note.
  10. Get your man that beautiful purse that makes men look sexy. Complete his look and make him stand tall or short and different.

You can celebrate valentine and not break the bank, you’re only allowed to do that on Christmas.

  1. Get him or her that something they might need that makes home or work place comfortable.
  2. Write him/her a love letter, pen down something beautiful about your partner and how you feel, make it comical yet sincere. I promise you it will be memorable
  3. You could go back to the beginning by recreating your first date, Take things way back to when you first started falling for each other.
  4. Do the favorite things you do separately together on the 14th. You like to read, you can both pick up a book a read, games? Play it.

Take time to get creative, the best gifts are well thought out and unique. You can show your partner that you care with a thoughtful gift that won’t drain your bank account.

But don’t forget the hungry ones who live in your neighborhood, those ones you pass everyday and will pass on valentine day.

Don’t forget that hustler who works 247 for that meager pay.

Don’t forget the orphanage, motherless, widows and etc everyone deserves the smile on valentine



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