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Why your partner hides their finances

Why your partner hides his finances and  may not trust you with money

Many men and women are very reluctant in sharing information about their finance with their spouse while don’t for various reasons.

People have zero idea about what’s happening to the finance, how much income come in and how much money goes out. As long as needs are met, they are okay.

If your partner is silent or don’t trust you about financial affairs, here are some reasons why.

1. Lack of transparency: A partner may hide it’s financial affairs from the other because of his bad spending habit or running into debts.

2. To avoid fights: When every financial discussion ends in fight, one partner may decide to hide his financial status and info for peace. Partners with different financial values and goals will always be at loggerheads. This may be a reason to avoid revealing any financial info

3. Different views on money: Partners with different views and priorities about money and spending it will not trust one another with details. If one partner likes to spend and don’t believe in savings, the other partner will hide details about his finance to avoid over spending, lack of saving attitude, disagreements and mistrust.

4. Past financial mistakes: If one partner has made poor financial decisions in the past, the other may be hesitant to trust them with money in the future.

5. Power dynamics: If one partner makes significantly more money than the other, it can create a power imbalance in the relationship that can lead to inferiority complex. A case where the woman makes more than the man, she might feel the need to not disclose all she makes to avoid insecurity from the man

6. Bid to retain control: in many marriages, power struggle is often centred on money. If the husband is the sole earner, he has the say on how money is spent and saved, leaving the woman completely dependent on him. To hold the power, he doesn’t divulge any financial information about how he manages the money

7. Fear of betrayal: If a partner has been cheated on or lied to in the past, they may have a general distrust of their partners in all areas, including finances.



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