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Women, tears and proposal

Do you ever wonder why women cry when they get proposed to? I’ve never witnessed it know why and how the tears starts except through videos or personal experience of friends without any reasonable explanation but “it just came”, sometimes I like to think they maybe cry because of the cameras, they saw it in the movies, somebody else cried so I must o, it just might be happy tears.

Have you ever cried over something and you wonder, “Why the hell am I crying?” lol, yes! Sometimes I see that reaction on some faces (of course videos) and I go yes, that’s some real tears.

So, why do women cry, really?

I believe proposals shouldn’t be a surprise if you both have same understanding and goals towards marriage but maybe it comes as a surprise when you don’t know when or weren’t expecting it at that moment.

Sometimes, when you think about the journey before the proposal, the fights, the hardship, the love, err is that when the tears come? When does the happiness of proposal cease? After marriage or the first child?

I’m sorry, forgive me.

I’m just a little bit curious. You know when you haven’t experienced some certain things, you will never know how it feels.

Here are some reason why some people think women cry when they are asked “will you marry me?”

  1. Not every girl cries when proposed to. It’s only when the guy she loves the most proposes to her and it takes her by surprise (So, is she dating others she doesn’t really like?) You see, the emotion is so overwhelming that the happiness comes in form of tears, expressing the emotion. That is the reason why girls cry when proposed.
  2. Because they’re happy. Happy tears are a thing. Have you never seen someone cry with happiness? Sportsmen do it a lot
  3. I don’t cry at surprises, I cry when I experience a strong emotion. A proposal can induce a strong emotional response in a lot of people.
  4. They cry because they’re happy (so every time she’s happy she cries. Gotten!), not cause it’s a surprise.
  5. It’s no surprise that my partner loves me and I love him but sometimes he does a thing that moves me so much and turns me into a bawling mess.
  6. Also I’ve seen The Land before Time like a billion times and I cry every damn time when little foot’s mom dies. I KNOW IT’S COMING BUT THE TEARS WON’T STOP ( ok, this legit happens to me when I watch some movie)  
  7. Just because you’re expecting something, it doesn’t negate any physical expression of emotion when the thing happens.
  8. Like expecting parents know their baby is coming in 9 months, but they still cry when they hold their baby for the first time. (OKAY)
  9. Emotions have physical manifestations that most of us don’t hold back.
  10. I don’t know about other women or if they cry when it happens, but even if I knew it was coming seeing my SO in one of his most loving, vulnerable and open moments confessing his undying love for me and asking me to be his partner in the one life we’ll (I believe) ever have, it would definitely do something with me. Even if you’ve been together for decades, that moment is special, exciting and emotional. The idea is that you’ll never ever experience such a moment again and here you’re having it with the person you hopefully love the most in the world. Yeah, that would probably bring some tears to my eyes (aww so emotional *tears* this must be one of those times)
  11. from my fiancé’s perspective, he said he was relieved that I cried happy tears when he proposed because he was so nervous despite it being a long time coming, it instantly made his anxiety go away to see me so emotional and the occasion more special/memorable. in years I’ll be able to think back and say “wow, I was so happy in that moment” and he’ll be reminded of my reaction too
  12. Women run on EMOTIONS. We are not men. Men don’t let their emotions rule their world. Men are more practical than women (err so?)
  13. How boring would it be if we weren’t like that… loving, caring, “mothering”…. its part of why men love us so much. (Don’t try to deny it) lol
  14. I cry at everything. It’s ridiculous. I can’t help it. I’ve cried over a freaking cheerio’s Christmas commercial before… lol…
  15. I didn’t cry when my fiancé proposed though…. I’m not quite sure why women cry on that part but whatever. Maybe during the wedding, Being able to spend your life with the man of your dreams who you know wants you over any other woman (in most cases …I hope) … Love is the most powerful emotion.
  16. Some women do, I guess that’s their personality, “high-strung” I guess. I’m a chick, and just a wild guess that these are settings where women perceive their worth as women are being validated, that their deepest innermost need is being addressed, the need for bonding, relationship and this brings them unspeakable joy that can only be expressed with sobbing and tears. Remember for a lot of women marriage represents “The Mountaintop” Some women. Not all. Some are almost fifty and the marriage monkey has finally jumped off her back. Me, I might mist up a little and discreetly wipe away a tear. But I care about how I look in public (okay, this was quite funny, she cares about the public)
  17. Ladies go through a lot while in courtship, talk of cheating by men, abuse, and lack of confidence if he will pick on her for a wife, break ups and all the dramas. At this time she feels like it’s a dream, these tears are for joy and all the past that she went through.
  18. They cry because they don’t know what is behind the man’s zip, tears down saying “Lord let this not be a toothpick again am tired nah (lmfaooooo)
  19. That’s a sign women do use to fool up men, they are liars (okay?!)
  20. When they think of the future and the grief they are going to face in the union (right?!)
  21. The ring is painful, don’t argue with science!
  22. Pitying the guy for the tough times ahead.
  23. Which ladies, I didn’t cry and am not a man.
  24. Because ladies are too emotional that they can cry just for anything sweet or bitter, good or bad.
  25. They cry because it is the only thing they can do to hide their disdain for that ‘fool’! It’s a way of saying, ‘how could you be so dumb to imagine that you can tame me into a zero grazed animal?’
  26. Because it’s not easy to get a man now days that would go to that extent.
  27. Women found that being “order of every proposal” so they are just carrying it forward for the sake of their daughters.
  28. We found our ancestors crying, we have to follow tradition, its like a ritual.

You see reasons people have given?

So if I ever get proposed to will I cry or just laugh? lmao



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