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Working for Yourself!

At the sight of a title like this, what probably comes to mind is “this is one of the articles that ends up wasting your time” but I tell you, this is model you would love to place your life pattern on, after successfully digesting its content.

Human beings are so powerful that we do not know the heights that we can get to, until we start to record new giant strides only to find ourselves aiming for more. This being the ways of humans, why do we now have those who still are overwhelmingly bored and stuck in a dead end job that is only paying their bills but not making them fulfill purpose?

The answer is not farfetched; many are yet to unleash the power in their passion; the power that comes with investing in self. No single story of a world dominating personality (be it in technology, entrepreneurship, governance etc.) is void of passion. It therefore means, everyone that falls in that category has been able to capitalize on their passion and make it open ways for them. Either by becoming the world’s richest or the greatest inventor, all is the product of a well utilized passion.

On the other hand, passion is never enough; can it be capitalized on? To monetize or capitalize on one’s passion then becomes a process that would lead into financial freedom, residual income, and a fulfilling life of purpose. Therefore, these are the steps to earning more money by working on yourself:

What is your passion?

It is generally understandable that passion is whatever you do with ease and derive joy or love doing. But, do you know your passion? You can never monetize or turn your passion into a money bank if you can’t identify it. How do you do that? It is through a moment of self-examination, self-research or self-evaluation, that you would be able to identify your passion. A clue: when you realize whenever you engage in such thing, you don’t sweat it before getting result, hey! That is your passion.

Invest in your passion

When you discover it, what comes next is nurturing it. You invest your time and resources on it. You fine tune it to become something sellable. Ask for advice where necessary. Seek answers to disturbing questions on which ever field your passion falls. For example, you realized your passion is to make homemade pancakes for kids and they get to love it whenever they are chanced to have you serve them. Attention please, you have found something to invest on! What next is to probably think of getting a food truck to start supplying the neighborhood.

Face your fear!

To drop a paid job and venture into personal business that needs to be grown from the scratch is never an easy task. But those who are scared of failure are not worth beholding success. Once you discover your ease point, and you have found out it is a money bank in the making, you don’t have any excuse of not starting. The only excuse one could ever have at the beginning of chasing your passion is FEAR (False Experience Appearing Real). You have to trash your fear and pursue with faith with the hope of earning more than what you earn presently with the death trap job that is taking your life away from you.

Learn the art of investment

The venture has started; the new life has begun; what next is learning how to turn that little drop into a mighty ocean. Make research on how to manage small scale businesses, hence; how to make them big. Learn the dos and don’ts of an entrepreneur, put them into practice and see yourself soaring.

Mind you, you might be in the middle stage of your life, it is never a validation for lateness to start over. With faith and dedication, you are on the path to perpetual money making and most essentially, a changed lifestyle that is connected with your purpose as human. Start today. Have faith in yourself and overcome your internal fear. Go out there and make history because it is never too late to start.



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