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Wow! See How Much Nigerian P*rnstar Tblak Pays His Girls

If you are a Nigerian on social media and you’ve never heard the name King Tblak, then you need to embrace change.

His lifestyle is as lavish as that of ‘Yahoo boys’ and our big-spending politicians.

Tblak is Nigerian IndecentStar and is popular for sharing countless photos and videos from hotel rooms with various unclad ladies. Short, tall, dark, or light skinned – just name it.

Up till now, his fans weren’t sure of how much he pays these ladies, but in a snapchat post he made on 4th of May, he revealed the breakdown of how his girls earns their cash.

The price ranges from 30k to 300k, depending on what the girl wants to do. However, all includes a nice treat, food and hotel money.

The list he shared reveals that girls who he invites without having s*x can get as low as 30k, while girls he has s*x with on camera, with there face included earn as much as 300k.
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