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Year 2020’s achievable list

Year 2020 didn’t come with a guide book or some rules to follow, as a new day passes it doesn’t wait for you but it gives you the time to manage wisely or however you deem it fit.

Let this year 2020 be better than the others; Achieve goals, do fun stuff and go out more. Do things you’ve always wanted to do and things, that goal you’ve procrastinated and visit those places you admire every time.

Check out my easy achievable list for year 2020:

  • Try not to dwell on regrets but learn from it. Don’t wish it didn’t happen, don’t dwell on the mistake, learn and move on!
  • Visit places. Could be a nearby street, fun park, a restaurant, the beach, another state, another country but visit somewhere new.
  • Read more and wide
  • Start planning your vacation for the year. You’ve had it in mind to go on vacation this year? Now is the time to start saving, pick a location, time, activities etc.
  • Drink water. This cannot be stressed enough. Water, more water and enough water.
  • Do your exercises. Your planks, your squats, sit ups… visit Youtube or google for more exercise ideas
  • Have sex!
  • Get a new hobby and enjoy it
  • Take more walks. Walking helps with thought process and a form of exercise
  • savings always come in very handy
  • Let your issues out. talk about it or write them down
  • Focus on a goal. Pick one goal at a time to solve, at the end of the day you’ll feel good
  • Do good. Be nice to others, put a smile a person’s face, be sympathetic and just do well.
  • When you fall, get up, do it again, try not to fall and don’t give up (repeat as many times as possible)
  • Free yourself of envy, hate and malice
  • Know who your friend’s are
  • You have a problem? Find a solution.
  • Ask questions always
  • Shoot your shots. Romantically, financially, job wise, in any aspect of your life just get that thing you want.
  • Apologize when you wrong
  • Think things thoroughly before taking that decision
  • Have more fun and more laughs
  • Give yourself a break sometimes and be less hard on yourself
  • Avoid pessimists. You do not want negativity in your life.
  • Watch movies, whether at home or the cinemas.
  • Use your “thank you” and “I am sorry”
  • Smile more
  • Take better care of yourself.
  • Eat healthy (cut down on calories)
  • Never forget, LOVE. Do it and enjoy
  • Fight for it, work for it and compromise
  • Know when to close the door. Know when to leave when you can’t stay anymore.

It’s going to be an interesting year.



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