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Your alcohol and personality


Vodka lovers are of two types: Too new or too experienced. Vodka is mostly the first thing people try to lose their alcohol-virginity.

You may hate its taste but it gives you that high. If this is not the case, you are too mature to not care about taste anymore. The vodka drinker will most likely spend the next day laying in bed and crying over their poor decisions in a hangover from hell. Happy times are here to stay (till the hangover the next day!)


You recognize the value of hard work, and hold the reward for that hard work in high regard. When you love, you love all the way, but when you don’t, you make it quite clear.

Drinking bourbon screams that you probably have a trust fund and a “my dad will sue you” mentality. Also, you demand that it be served with only one ice cube because you simply cannot water down your 100-year aged Bourbon. Your friends look forward to your arrival at the party, but understand when you can’t make it. You know, because you’ve been working so hard.


You like to chill and you know exactly how to.

You are the bro! You know how to chill and are here not to have inexplicable, drunk falls but to have a good time. Your friends love you as you are easy going and a fun company. However, you become the wise hanged man of the tarot once you down your fifth or seventh bottle, giving out words of wisdom for free.

Just like your favorite beverage, you have the capacity to be really intense, but it takes a couple of hours or a few dozen pints, for that affect to come across. Or it might just be the uncontrollable urge to pee that makes you look intense.


You are the one who sneaks in their parent’s liquor cabinet and steal a sip because ever since the time your father made you sip brandy on a cold hill station, you couldn’t resist the lure of this alcohol.


Whiskey is the drink of the confident person. The type of person who drinks whiskey is the same as whiskey itself: hard but fun. They aren’t going to take any crap from you, and the night might end in a fight (or two or seven).

However, when you’re downing the seventh drink, just remember, there is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence, and driving that car is definitely not the right idea.


You love sophistication. You want to present an image of style and the glass in your hand is an extension of your personality. Also, you love being social. Admit it or not, you love secrets and spilling them out, yours or others’. When that fifth glass is down, there’s nothing too personal in your conversations as it is all out there.

The wine drinker is bubbly, sweet, and gives out the best compliments. It’s also the classiest drunk even when they’re drinking out of a box, because, well…it’s still wine.


You are more of a slow drinker, one who enjoys the finer aspects of life, you are perfectly happy in just stating one single quote of wisdom than speak the entire night. Friends turn to you for advice time and time again.

Even when people call you pretentious for knowing the difference between whiskey and scotch, you silently sip your drink and let your looks do the talking.


You are the adventure lover who needs a constant influx of thrill in your life. Tequila drinkers are crazy. They don’t take no for an answer and are probably the ones who end the night singing “Drunk in Love” on top of the bar. They aren’t sipping on tequila because they like the taste…they want to get drunk and they want it to happen NOW.

Just be sure that it is your dance moves and not vomit videos that make it to social media the next day, though both can be equally shocking.


You are the real king of good times. You are often the last man standing, or rather stumbling your way out of a party. It is filled with mistakes, regret, it is a delicious flavor that tempts you with its pretty bottle, and like a siren, and it will wreck you.

Just remember that maybe your best friend does not want to hear your sob story for the twenty-eighth time.


You are the rare breed. The one who orders a gin and tonic in a crowd of beer drinkers, wine etc. But you are set in your rules and won’t change for the world. You believe that in order to be truly creative, you have to learn the classics. You fold easily into most social situations, and can always find some interest in common to discuss with most people

Gin may be a bitter pill, but it is your bitter pill to swallow! Which is how you drink that gin and tonic anyway!



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