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Your Kids deserve a sweet Valentine too

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All your kids hear from everyone is Valentine, Valentine, Valentine. Sooner or later, they’ll have it stuck in their heads that valentine is just for mummy and daddy or “big people” like my niece calls adult.

It is up to you to teach and convince them from their young age that the season of valentine is for everybody, it is from celebrations like this your kids know you’ve got them and they don’t have to depend on anyone or look for validation elsewhere with fun activities, gifts and show of love.

It’s the general and popular belief that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating romantic and friend relationships, but now that a parent now, don’t leave your kid(s) aside, whether you celebrate February 14 as a family or make up evening date night or celebrate together the following weekend, these things will become part of them, it becomes a tradition that will be cherished forever. It will surely be a Valentine’s Day to remember.

You ask yourself, “what can I do or buy for them to make the day feel special”

There are so many fun ways to celebrate with your kids and the excitement, the love and reaction is all that counts

Create a tradition

Everything you’re going to do on Val’s day If you haven’t already done before is a start of something new. It’s an annual celebration, so let those activities continue till you both grow older

Watch a movie

It is okay to sit or cuddle up with them and their favorite movie, sometimes pretend you don’t understand, laugh when something funny to them happens, sing along, and dance too. Remember your snacks and pop corn too

 Role play

Take a scene from any of their favorite movie and act it out with them, you can also give them a role to play, maybe let them be your head or in charge.

Dress them up with different homemade costume and take lots of photos

Make them a costume, involve them them in the making of the said costume too it gives them a certain kind of satisfaction. Take a lot of stunning pictures, they’re your models and you the photographer.

Just take pictures

Write them love notes

When you wake in the morning, leave them a love note telling them how much you love them and how special they are.

Tell them what you admire about them

Let your kids know how great and brave they are, tell them “you’re so confident”, “you’re very beautiful”, “I love how very kind and smart you are”, in return you can ask if they have anything to say about you (they may not and they may)

Make valentine cards together

Get cardboards, maker and coloring pencil, let everyone get their creativity out together by making cardboards and writing something sweet in it. Its more unique that way to them, if they can’t write ask them what they would like to write and do the writing for them or hold their hands

Dance party

Enjoy the moment you have together and have a dance party with your kids.  Try the dance games, learn their dance steps, teach them easy steps and just dance to their favorite tune till you’re all tired.

At the end of the day, take a walk

Let’s call it Valentine day walk. A great way for exercising, spending time together and building a bond. You can also try fun activities on the road too but with care.

Finally end the day with a gift

The gift doesn’t have to anything that cost money, something simple (it could be food). It’s supposed to be a surprise though not necessary so they don’t become dependent on Val gift.

This is a very good time to deepen that connection with your child(ren), it’s that perfect opportunity to create more love between you and them and within themselves as siblings, spend time, have fun activities their own way.

Valentines Day reminds us to tell all of our loved ones how glad we are that they’re in our lives.

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