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Your Lifestyle Choices Matter

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity.”- The World health organization

There is a story of a mouse called Lambert who did whatever he liked, he never took advise from anyone, not his dad, mum, siblings and friends. He was his own mouse in every kind of way. The mice community lived harmoniously and every mouse had something to bring to the table. There was a mouse in charge of procuring food, another in charge of food distribution and another in charge of looking out for the scary orange cat.

Every mouse received food in measured portions, so that they could run for safety when the scary orange cat came at them. However, once a mouse was old enough, it was allowed to eat as much as it wanted. As soon as Lambert came of age, he ate and ate till his stomach bulged and sagged. Every mouse that cared warned Lambert to reduce his portions, so he could be fit to run for safety when the scary orange cat attacked. Sadly, he never listened.

One night when the stars shone their best, the scary orange cat could not sleep because his stomach rumbled like the oceans. He had not eaten a good meal in days, only scraps from the dustbin in the subway. Now that he needed to eat a sumptuous meal, there was only one place to go- the mice community. The security mouse gave a loud squeak when he sighted the scary orange cat. Every mouse ran for safety, well except for Lambert who became a sumptuous meal for the scary old cat because he could not move a limb.

We are a sum total of the decisions we make every now and then. Like the story, Lambert’s poor lifestyle choices gave him away to the cat, if he had made better choices, he would have lived. Lifestyle choices are the decisions we make and live by, concerning every facet of our lives. Our daily habits and behavior always affect our total wellbeing. Lifestyle choices and wellness transcend eating right, it involves our overall health; our mental, physical, emotional and social health. We should not wake up every morning to just survive, we should thrive. And to thrive, we must have a healthy mind, soul and body. However, not everybody knows the importance of lifestyle choice and wellness, and how it affects us. Let me show you.

 The Importance of Lifestyle Choices and Wellness:

  • Good lifestyle choices and wellness allows you live healthily and reduces the risk of diseases.
  • Your social life will improve massively: a good lifestyle choice enables you to interact with others, contribute to the service of the society. More so, it improves social behaviours in the workplace, and allows employees trust and support one another.
  • Your productivity will sky-rocket: wellness and lifestyle is an all-rounder; it permeates every part of your life. Making a good lifestyle choice will transform the way you think, and see the world. You will be more aware of the solutions you bring to the table and exactly what you need to do to have more results.

Need for a Wellness Coach

There is always someone who has scratched the surface of something we want to achieve, that person becomes an inspiration that what we want to attain is possible. He/she becomes someone we look up to. There are people who have mastered the science and art of lifestyle choices and wellness choices and they have produced magnificent results. Over the years, they have become more in sync with their spirit, soul and body. Truth is, we should learn from them. This will save us the stress of trying to figure everything ourselves, and our lives could be totally transformed in good time. We all need a wellness coach to walk us through the path of wholeness.

Always remember that our choices are either making us thrive or keeping us behind. Life is too short to be behind, come on let us thrive together.



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