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“Every time they lost communication”- ‘The Simpsons’ Writer Who previously Rode In Titan Sub

Mike Reiss, who completed four dives with Titan operator OceanGate, said “Every time they lost communication”

A man, Mike Reiss a former showrunner of “The Simpsons,” who completed four dives before this recent “titan implosion” with OceanGate, the company that operates the missing Titan submersible, said during his dives the vessel lost contact with its host ship on every expedition he took.

Reiss completed three dives off the coast of New York, and one to the Titanic wreckage off the coast of southeast Canada, where rescue crews were searching for the five-person Titan submersible that went missing Sunday morning.

“Every time they lost communication. That seems to be just something baked into the system, I don’t blame OceanGate, but I think I blame deep water for that.” He said, there were “communication problems” after they landed 500 yards from the sunken wreckage.

Reiss was well aware of the risk and according to him there’s a long release you sign, a waiver, that mentions death three times on the first page.

The missing Titan submersible lost communication to its surface vessel an hour and 45 minutes after starting its descent to the Titanic on Sunday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, which said it was notified Sunday evening when the submersible failed to surface at its scheduled time.

which was carrying its pilot and four passengers including a 19yr old boy, is predicted to run out of oxygen on Thursday morning.




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